A Mother in Israel

    The cutting edge (!) of homemaking and parenting in Israel and the observant Jewish community. By a mother of many, born in the US and now living in Israel. I write about parenting books, breastfeeding, Jewish family life, Jewish holidays, motherhood and career, day-to-day challenges with children and teenagers, child safety, and mainly about negotiating life in Israel as a non-native (almost no politics). Thanks for stopping by! ...more

    A New Broome Sweeps Clean! How To Clean Up Your Life!

    This is a blog for all working women including stay at home moms. It offers motivational support and information pertaining to women's issues. It also provides ideas and suggestions to women who are thinking about quitting their jobs to be stay at home moms. It offers help to women who are thinking about, facing, involved in, or recovering from divorce. ...more

    a 30-something life

    a 30-something life...all wrapped up in diet coke, cupcakes and a great pair of heels. oh, and don't forget the handbag! ...more

    A Baby Boomer Women's Life After 50

    If you read about Judi's countdown to 50 (ayearto50.blogspot.com)...you can now enjoy her ups and downs and downs and ups during her life after turning 50. You'll laugh...you'll cry...you'll identify...as this extraordinary journey by this ordinary woman continues. ...more

    A Baby Boomer's New, Reviews, & Observations

    Visit A Baby Boomer's News, Reviews, & Observations to find out this Baby Boomer's latest as she shares her news, reviews, and observations regarding both personal and business subjects of interest to women and men of all ages. ...more

    A Baby Nanny

    Sometimes college student, sometimes nanny.  Not a parent (quite yet!) I immersed myself in the mom blog world to gain your wisdom, and am now trying to give back the perspective of your child care worker.  ...more

    A Baby Proposal

    The adventures of one infertile woman dealing with PCOS, a bad thyroid and a husband with slow sperm. ...more

    A BadGalSays

    A BadGalSays alot when most of us are quietly going, oooohhhh crap !...more

    A Bag Named Isabella

    The Los Angeles based fashion vlog....more

    A Baker and A Health Nut

    A simple story of a girl who loves to run, keep fit, be healthy with a mouth full of sweet-teeth!...more

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