A Big Sister in Heaven

    A Big Sister in Heaven picks up the story of the Martin family 6 months after the death of their only child, Vivienne, to brain cancer at just 9 months old.  Infertile due to an emergency hysterectomy in childbirth, the Martin's are pursuing a Gestational Surrogacy to expand their family.  The blog discusses the emotional aspects of these decisions, as well as sharing resources about surrogacy, our ethical approach to IVF and strategies for managing the financial pressures involved. ...more

    A Bigger Backyard

    I'm a wife and mom to three boys.  Follow along on our family adventure as we travel asross the United States in our 1985 Chevrolet "King of the Road" motor home.  They boys have packed their fishing poles...I'm packing the alcohol.  And the jumper cables....more

    a bird in the hand

    I write about my life as a 20-something, and the weird and wonderful things that happen.  I also like to write about autism (I have Asperger Syndrome), Buddhism, and knitting.....and share anything that I find fascinating.  Enjoy!...more

    A Bit Backward

    A potpurri family blog of archaic proportions! Because TV and iPhones are overrated - but homemade bread is not....more

    a bit of earth ..and sea and sky

    Location the foothills of the Virginia mountains United States See map: Google Maps musings and fumblings in the tide of lifesocial commentarylessons learned...more

    A Bit of Heaven

    Join me as I decorate my farm house, create arts/crafts in my antique church studio, and show you DIY projectrs. With the heavenly mix of vintage and cottage style, you will find affordable elegance at A Bit of Heaven.  ...more

    A bit of this and a lot of that

    I write about life in India as a single woman. Challenges women face, things that make us angry, things that make us smile, things that we are fierce or tender about....more

    A Bit of This and That

    A running commentary of my life including my hobbies, my children and my savior Jesus Christ. ...more

    A Bitch Called Mom

    WARNING: This blog is written by a PMSing mom. There will be lots of bitching. Here moms can say all the things they wish they could in real life if no one would be traumatized by it. SPEAK YOUR MIND. If you don't, I'll just say it for you. So you can either live vicariously through me or grow some big, clean-shaven ovaries and say it yourself. BTW if you're a bitch, but not necessarily a mom or a woman or PMSing, you're welcome, too. ALL BITCHES ARE WELCOME. Amen....more

    A Black Woman Surviving Rape

    A personal blog about surviving rape, domestic violence and child abuse as a black woman. It also focus on Narcissistic Personality Disorder and dealing with Narcissistc Mothers and Sisters. In the black community we as women do not open up and talk about the abuse we've experienced. We dont tell the people around us and alot of times we blame the victim instead of the criminal which is something that we all have to get away from. Growing up with a Narcissitc Mother is something most people will never understand unless they have delt with Narcissists before....more

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