Witnessing Life

    Witnessing Life is a multimedia blog focusing on news and events constantly ignored by mainstream media. In any society, the media plays a major role in determining how we stereotype one another. Media stereotypes are inevitable, especially in the advertising, entertainment and news industries, which need as wide an audience as possible to quickly understand information. ...more

    Witty Little Secret

    This humorous but poignant blog follows a one year deployment journey and a lifetime of reintegration. Lori Volkman is a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Washington State who started writing in September 2010 when her husband was deployed to the Middle East. Featured on WordPress, War News Radio, Milblogging, and Reader's Digest in 2011, she quickly gained a following. Lori is also a featured contributor at Military.com’s online source for military spouses, SpouseBUZZ.com....more

    Witty Title Pending

    I am a recently married Californian living in England. I am currently going through the torturous process of applying, and hopefully getting into law school. ...more


    The trials and tribulations of an Aussie 20-somethin' striving to be a Canadian....more
  • Wives Of Impotent Men

    A place for women married to or living with men with erectile dysfunction (or even dysfunctional relationships) ...more
    New to all of this. Married almost 45 years to a wonderful man. Over the last 10-15 years, he ...more

    Wize Time

    Time is your Greatest Asset.  It is your life. Energy is the force with which to execute plans to achieve what we want in life. Money makes things possible. Time, Energy and Money are connected symbiotically.  Use time and energy to acquire money.  Money returns time and energy by opening up possibilities to make your life fulfilling and rewarding.  The better you feel about your life, the more energy you have.  The more energy you have, the more efficient...more

    WNN - Women News Network

    WNN - Women News Network is a new blog that includes international stories about women. These stories have gone out through United Nations agencies and affilitates through UN affiliate news aggregate WUNRN - Women's UN Report Network and UN-INSTRAW - United Nations International Institute for Research and Training for the Development of Women. ...more

    Wo ai ni

    a blog about a multicultural family...more

    Wo Wunk

    Dang it. I had some grand plans to walk to Olbrich Gardens today via Monona Drive, go through the gardens and walk back on the bike path. It was going to be a nice long walk to enjoy the beautiful summer day. Except, Morella just started her afternoon nap at 1:40. I was hoping she would sleep while I was pumping, and then maybe later on take a short evening nap. Sigh. I guess I can use this time to tidy up around the house, wash bottles, freeze milk, make a bottle...do the dishes. Nutz. Why can't someone else do the dishes? ...more

    wobi in training

    its just me talking about my kid and my man and my life and trying to figure out how to keep it all rolling up hill. i like greys and photography, painting and making love, and life. i scrapbook, not often enough and I am a poet and a writer. ...more

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