Wolffies Words

    I am A 48 year old woman,married, menopausal,mom of four, trying to navigate with honesty and soul in this crazy world of ours. ...more


    WOM-Talk is the blog voice of Interpret-Her- a company focused on helping businesses create female friendly products and services and deliver customer service that will make us want to tell our friends how wonderful our experience was. ...more

    WOM: Working Mom

    Multi-topic blog written by a WOM (working mom) who also happens to be a wife, feminist, lawyer, obsessive organizer, avid housekeeper, Democrat in Kansas, and many other things that are typically thought to be mutually exclusive. Posts about being a mother, balancing work and family, maintaining a marriage, and dealing with everything else that life throws at working moms are the norm. ...more

    Woman as Shaman and Mystic

    GrandMother Mary Singing Wolf's Primordial Shaman/Mystic Kashta Tua Tai Ma & Da Teachings and Divinations. ...more

    Woman at Mile 0

    Woman in a Window

    I'm a wife, a mother of two, an accumulation of all that came before and all that will come after, plus loads of baked goods and gobs of grease. I've returned to my roots to live simply and to feed my family tree. I'm interested in marking milestones with my family, investigating the magic of a moment, and having fun with language along the way. ...more

    Woman In Charge....or so I like to pretend.

    I enjoy sharing information with my readers -ie: music, food, other products, personal experiences and thoughts.  I also enjoy sharing my photos....more

    Woman In The Midst: Raw

    One woman's life, raw, unedited, uncut, real ...more

    Woman to Woman

    Woman to Woman Ministries is a ministry to encourage the every day woman in the areas of marriage, family, cooking, worship, and thankfulness.  ...more

    Woman with a Hatchet

    One part foodie, one part gardener, one pinch political, one large heaping mommy blog. Garnish with photography. Stir thoroughly and enjoy! I have one elder daughter and a new pair of boy/girl twins, one husband, two cats, thousands of plants and a love of food, photography, gardening and writing. ...more

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