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    I am what I am, but I am not defined by what I am. I wish I was intelligent and beautiful, both of which I am not. I crave knowledge and read voraciously. I will read anything once and probably twice without hesitation. I am an adoptee reunited with my natural family in the Summer of 2009. Although my reunion was far from anything that I had hoped, I feel a bit more complete, whole. I still am searching for my place and identity that I feel might be lost forever....more

    * 2 Under 2 *

    I'm a writer by trade, and this is a littel blog I keep about my family and myself. I touch on everything from mild perils of being a mom (or human jungle gym) to postpartum depression to important causes, such as genital integrity and breastfeedng. ...more

    * Hey Epiphora | Where sex toys go to be judged *

    Snarky, relentlessly honest sex toy reviews — with a smattering of sex industry critique thrown in for good measure. For almost six years, Hey Epiphora has been the antidote to the coy, euphemistic sugar-coating that plagues bad sex writing. You'll never see the terms “marital aid” or “battery-operated boyfriend” on this blog....more
  • * Pop My Cherry: Sexuality, Reviews and Pop Culture *

      Pop My Cherry is a sex blog that explores sexuality through the lens of pop culture, i.e: “sexual culture.”  It features sex toy reviews, films by women, artilces on female sexuality and challenges representations of female sexuality in mass culture. ...more
    This blog looks like funmore

    * Silencios y Palabras *

    Diario personal y poesía experimental ...more

    * Tefi * egomaniac . collector . purveyor

    Welcome. I'll try to keep things crafty & DIY, but there's a definite chance I'll muck things up with photos of my pets and rants about bad drivers. About Me: Tefi Designs is a one-woman, Dallas-based jewelry design studio specializing in original, handcrafted pieces made with sterling silver, semi-precious stones, and Czech glass. ...more

    * unRuffled Mama *

    Location Ohio, Columbus area United States See map: Google Maps I am a Christian, wife and mother of three who turned 40 this year (how did that happen?). So, I am starting a blog on restarting my life at 40. Those of you who know me well, know that the unruffled part is basically sarcasm. So, I am off to become a truly unruffled momma! I love to read, knit, sew, garden, craft with my kids, and I blog about it all....more

    * Vegan Sparkles *

    Vegan food, love, life, laughter, and adventures around Perth, Western Australia....more

    ** Happiness Is...**

    My lifestyle blog on love, music, art, travel, books, food, photos, nature, film, design, retro style...and other things that make me smile. My name is Shannon. I'm a singer and songwriter in Seattle. This is my happy place. May it be yours too....more

    **My Kitchen Lab**

    Its all about food....and food...more

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