C and C Dish

    Mother and Daughter dish about recipes and whatever we want....more
  • C and R's Stanford Women's Basketball Blog

    Two basketball teammates who talk about the Stanford Women's Basetball games and women's sports issues, among other things. Anyone can list a box score and how many rebounds a player got. We write about the game from the fan's perspective. Just like you. Check it out at http://womenssportsinformation.com/blog.html ...more

    You know, the season where Stanford was ranked number 2 in the country and only lost twice, both ...more

    c'est si bon

    Smiles and kisses. Laughter and heartbreak. Scatterered pictures. Jazz music. Literature and Film. Everything classic. Love and family. Life. ♥Rants, raves and thoughts of a self-confessed krung-krung...more

    C'mon Fatso

    I'm Sierra. I'm 26, fat, and I'm trying to get healthy without losing my mind or my self esteem. You can read the original story here....more

    C'Ville Entremom

    C’ville Entremom is your one stop resource for Charlottesville Mom-Owned Businesses!  Each week I will spotlight one to two mom-owned businesses.  Through this blog, I also hope to create a community/network of entrepreneur moms as well as inspire moms out there that want to start a business. ...more

    C+C Marriage Factory

    I am a newlywed who is renovating a DC rowhouse circa 1907 one room at a time, learning to cook one recipe at a time and taking picutres one day at a time....more

    c. jane create

    c. jane create is a design and lifestyle blog written by christa, a 20-something graphic designer working for the University of Missouri. c. jane create was started in 2008 under the name Art in Motion, and is updated daily {almost always} with creative crafting, sewing, photography, design inspiration, recipes, and sometimes just personal rants....more


    C. Mom brings read­ers on a magic car­pet ride through the daily roller coaster of fam­ily, par­ent­ing, sanity, fitness, and rela­tion­ships.  Noth­ing is too per­sonal, espe­cially when it is hon­est and tells a story.  C. Mom tells it all:  the good, the bad, and the ugly. ...more

    C.O.W.S ( Cranky Old Woman Syndrome )

    C.O.W.S is a blog about starting over, by Chef and former Restrauteur, Zana Trenerry, as she attempts to re-invent her life at 51, after a series of life affirming catastrophes.  Ocassionally argumentative, sometimes opinionated, and only  vaguely politically incorrect, it is reliably entertaining and thought provoking. Updated five times a week, and adressing topics as diverse as cooking, politics, science and feminism, C.O.W.S is a must read....more

    c.w.frosting - created by caroline

    Location Manhattan Beach, CA United States See map: Google Maps c.w.frosting is a creative blog. Caroline, the author, is a full-time grad student in Los Angeles. The blog is her right-brained outlet, featuring a collection of DIY endeavors from accessories to apartment décor. Each DIY project is also accompanied by a tutorial. Enjoy!...more

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