Dumber Than a Box of Rocks

    Dummy Essentials

    Dummy Essentials is a tech blog, aimed at solving all your PC problems in a simplified manner. We also provide a lot of tutorials on Windows XP (Coming up soon is Windows 7) and MS Office 2007! A visit to this blog and u will feel, learning computers was never so easy!! ...more

    Dundee Boy Comes Home, Tails of Animal Rescue and TNR Endeavors

    Animal lover, rescuer and advocate. I bought a house so I could adopt another dog - I was already over-the-limit at my condo. Helping animals in need; strays and feral, and taking in the little ones too small to survive on their own. ...more


    Life as I view it! Random thoughts/Erotic stories/Musings/Love/Sex/Life..Feeling mused?? Stay tuned..One word at a time towards a better tomorrow! DunWorryWifIt...more


    This blog is about my life. My law school life. My love life. My future life. And my secret non-academic pop culture obsessed life. Enjoy. ...more

    DuPage Kids On The Go

    This is a blog for families in and around DuPage County, Illinois. Its full of things to do, including free and cheap event listings, and reviews of all sorts of places. You'll also read about the adventures of Little Bear, Pufferfish, and Rafael!...more

    Durango Mom

    Durango Mom is a general lifestyle blog with a strong dose of mothering, foodie love, the kids, design, the great outdoors and some creative non-fiction. It all goes down in the wild west, but with a broad world view. It's a glass half full kind of blog. With some odd humor to keep it all real....more

    Durham Mom's Night Out

    Because everyone needs a timeout. ...more

    Dust and Wanderlust

    I’m a newbie writer, but writing runs rampant in my family thankfully. I’m hoping sheer lineage will make up for any lack of writing skill. I’m a Pennsylvania resident by circumstance, and despite the beautiful area in which I live, I long to live out West. But while I’m here, I sure do plan on making the most of it. There’s an old house on a small hill in Bucks County PA, in which I live.  It’s old and moody and slightly magical, and falls apart often, which I try to fix with super glue, duct tape and frequent calls to my dad....more

    Dust Bath

    Dust Bath Ladies ...more

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