The process: life-mapping, dream-journaling, clue-gleaning "We only understand life backwards, but we must live it forwards" — Søren Kierkegaard ...more

    I Am

    I Am are the musings of a newly graduated, twenty-something Mormon girl.  Follow her life as she travels, job searches, laughs, works and plays through life. ...more

    I AM (not)

    I'm a wife of one and a mom of three. I love waxy chocolate donuts, Jesus, and thunderstorms. (Not in that order!) I love to laugh and make people laugh. However, a good serious moment is good for any soul. Come by and hang out! ...more

    i am a bougie girl

    Essays about food, love, fashion, and life in general......more

    I Am A Mess

    Location Atlanta United States See map: Google Maps A blog chronicling a new mother's search to find order and happiness in her fundamentally messy life. Or she might just try to accept it....more

    I am a Mommy

    Location Malaysia Hi, I'm Audrey. I'm a Mommy! Now I have a family of my own. My hubby, Ken, loves cars, dogs, DIY and could  spend a whole day in ACE Hardware if you don't drag him out. My son, Lucas, smiles a lot, gets frustrated easily, sleeps little, eats a lot and I think he will soon charm all the girls in his play school.Me? I love: coffee, teh tarik, crochet amigurumi, scrapbook, cute Japanese artwork, online shopping, travelling and I'm always thinking of new business ideas but never had the guts to do any!...more

    I Am Beautiful

    A blog written by women of all ages, sizes, and walks of life about finding their true beauty and value.  Learning to appreciate who they were meant to be.  Choosing to see beauty in themselves, their circumstances, and others around them....more

    I Am Boymom

    I am Boyomom. That's who I've been for 8 years now. I eat, drink and sleep boy stuff. Then I write about it. Sometimes Pre-Boymom makes an appereance. She reminds me I'm a girl. Then I write about that too. ...more

    I Am Davids Doll

    A young mother of two small boys, with a nice thrown into the picture, gets taken for a wild ride into the forest of parenting. My husband works, I stay home, and oddly enough I can write a LONG blog about whats going on in my life, even though I spend 80% of it in the house around toddlers. ...more

    I am Doing the Best I Can

    See Dawn Laugh! See Dawn Cry! see Dawn have a nervous breakdown and require more medication! Go,Dawn Go! Or the Adventures of two overeducated eldest children parenting their biracial badass girl ...more

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