Did you ever wonder why frogs jump in front of cars when it's raining, or think about the dangers of dog poo? I can't give you all the answers, but I have no problem giving you my opinion on those thrilling items and a million other ridiculous things. Life with my hubby, hounds, and fat cat is great -- come hang out with me, won't you? ...more

    Jeffrey and Flora: Living in Singapore

    Location Singapore Singapore I'm Flora, a freelance writer currently living in Singapore with my husband and two dogs. I blog about life as an expat abroad, our travels, and the things we see and do in Singapore at You can follow me on twitter at @jeffreyandflora. ...more
  • Jehan Can Cook

    My blog is about the foods that I grew up eating mixed in with a bit of musings of my life.  I mainly blog about  foods from the Caribbean and Guyana but I also toss in foods that I've come to love which can be from any and every culture or cuisine.     ...more
    Those donuts. Lawdamercy. :)more

    Jellibean Journals

    A culinary adventure through the world of sweets, with weekly Friday detours into ¨real food.¨...more

    Jello Shots and Shooters

    All of the recipes and fun facts about jello shots and shooters that you could ever want or need. Enjoy! ...more

    Jellybeans at Squarespace: Home to Daydreams and Wonderment

    Red ones, green ones, black ones, and blue ones.  Each bean is a moment of candied goodness.  A mouthful of mismatched beans and the flavour is frenzied and mysterious.  Such is the pace of my life.  And this is a space of my life.  This is a vent … a place for release … a place where I try to set things free when I want to and moreso when I need to.  I write about my life as a divorcee, a single-Mom, an single female, a professional, and a student ...more


    My blog is called "Jemima," because that's the name my parents almost gave me. I'm from the South, but now live in San Francisco with my husband and little brown dog. I write about being a freelance writer, daughter, aunt, newlywed, runner, friend, knitter, feminist, traveler, and about living in a new city/big city. In 2006, I lost my blogging anonymity, which was hard, since my blog caused so much controversy at home. But then I look at Dooce and realize I don't even know what controversy IS. ...more


    Ramblings and reviews of a British web developer; Jem Turner. ...more

    Jen & Joey Go Green

    Our blog is about our journey to reducing out impact on the environment and we offer tips on how can reduce your impact! I would describe myself as a realistic environmentalist. There are things that we would love to do (like living off the grid) but they just are not economically viable at this time. I think that your personal economics always has to be considered when making any environmental decision. We aren't perfect but we are at least trying to do what we can....more

    jen all day

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