I'm mom of three,published writer, wife: I write about my endometriosis, my kids, my marriage, sex, food, my abusive childhood, crazy things that make me laugh and what flies around in the birdcage of my brain.  I blog my poetry occasionally too! ...more

    M and the 2 Henrys

    It's our life, bigger and better than ever....more

    M is for Money

    Welcome to M is for Money, where I share my financial life with the world. My interest in personal finance began 7 years ago, when I realized I was living paycheck to paycheck. I started to save, but still managed to rack up too much debt. In 2007 I committed to erase over $20,000 in credit card debt in one year. After reaching that goal in 2008 I started this blog. My journey out of debt taught me valuable lessons – saving, investing and living more simply. I’ve made my share of financial mistakes and learned from each of them. ...more


    I write what's on my mind on this blog, daily.  I hope it makes you laugh or stirs your heart or blesses your soul, or makes you think... ...more


    M3 knit culture, power, place & change, fresh from the front porch of their friendship. A three-dimentional dissection of politics, news, culture, gender, place, and more. ...more

    M. Appeal (Mass Appeal) — On media, feminism, political economy, college teaching and getting out more. By Danna Walker, Ph.D.

    This is a collection of Danna Walker’s projects and writing. The name is inspired by the intersection of media and the symbolism of Mrs. Emma Peel, a fictional feminist icon of the 1960s. Mrs. Peel is  the embodiment of competing ideas in regard to women, their place in society and their representation in media.  Plus, she looks cool with a gun. ...more

    M.O.B. Mentalities

    A Humorous Look at Life as a "Mother of Boys"...more

    M/B & Baby Makes Three

    I am B, a 29-year-old former online advertising manager, who recently quit my career to be a stay-at-home mom to my firstborn daughter, AF. My blog documents my life as a new parent, a wife, and an aspiring small business entreprenuer in Charlotte, North Carolina. ...more

    Ma Nouvelle Mode

    Our mission at Ma Nouvelle Mode is to encourage, motivate and inspire women of all walks of life to discover {or rediscover} their own fabulous panache. We want to see women build the confidence to embrace who they are through the modes of fashion, beauty, travel and other creative passions. Here we are building a community of supportive women who cheer each other on throughout it all!...more

    Ma Vie en La Mode

    In love with all things beautiful, Ma Vie en La Mode is a blog about the Beautiful Life of Jasmine Sinclair. All things from family, fashion, travel, and even the most mundane life has to offer. Documenting my journey and taking suggestions along the way....more

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