Welcome to my blog! I'm Nikki and I enjoy baking, babies, breastfeeding, and blogging. Also crafting, fitness, nutrition, education, and anything that has to do with pregnancy and giving birth. Follow me on twitter at @itsoatsosimple....more

    Obey My Blog

    The laughter. The tears. The drama. The absurdity of it all. This is about my life as a student of Tai Chi, Qigong and Zen Buddhism. ...more


    ObjectifyThis aims to spark discussion about the objectification of women in popular culture, because I believe that raising consciousness about it can help people develop healthier attitudes towards normal variation in their own and other's bodies, and about gender equality in society. ...more


    A movie, A point of the City, And an opinion... ...more

    Objects in Mirror are Closer than They Appear

    Life, Lupus, and a Side of Snark: I've often wished there were more blogs by smart, funny young women struggling to balance work, life, and chronic illness, so this is my contribution to that particular genre. You'll also find entries about children's literature and young adult fiction mixed in alongside health information and more personal writing....more

    Objects Of Communication

    I co-author this blog with my boyfriend.  We are surrounded by modes of communication and are constantly bombarded with messages. Traffic signs, T-shirts, graffiti, cell phones, TV, and so many other things are forever providing us with new information. Don't believe us? Here's proof!  ...more


    ObjectsBlog Travelogue: the world through the eyes of a designer. Objects Blog (objectsblog.com) brings a fresh perspective to travel.  With her keen eye and engaging writing style, designer Pamela Peterson shares the photographs and stories of her adventures around the world.  Her readers tag along as she discovers the baths of Budapest, the flea markets of London, the coffee houses of Prague, and the hidden gems of Paris. Along the way, Pamela finds treasures the rest of us simply pass by.  In the blog, find her “stories” of...more


    Observant Bystander

    I'm a 50 year old woman who has returned to Kansas City, the place where I grew up, after living the bohemian life in Austin, TX for many years. After years of constantly choosing Mr. Wrong, I've finally found Mr. ...more

    Obsessed with Poop

    For sh*ts and giggles, check out this funny mom blog detailing the trials, tribulations, and tushies that come with motherhood.  The content of this blog may be dirty... we are talking about (baby) poop! I'm not full of crap, so subscribe to read stories about my baby boy and my life as a new mom. I'll try to keep you entertained as I share my daily adventures with my son and my husband. I love my family to feces...oops, I mean pieces!...more

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