Odi et Amo

    A download of all the places, people and things in fashion, home decor, art and entertainment that I love, hate and hate to love. ...more

    Odneal Riverrats

    My blog is just pictures and posts about what goes on in our family in a small northeast Iowa town.  It started to keep grandparents updated in the winter when they travel south.  Now I just put whatever I feel like each day for a post.  Some are funny, some are boring.  But it is my space and I spend time trying to make it enjoyable to other Mom's. ...more

    Of Bliss and Laughter

    nineteen. i'm a sophomore in college, majoring in journalism- but it's useless- and ready to start my life but enjoying the experiences i'll only have now. waitressing to bring in the money. obsessed with tiffanys, juicy couture, and all things girly! :))and mexican food! ...more

    Of Cabbages and Kings

    Where original tales of zombie defense, salad bar musicals, and the trials and triumphs of childhood all come to spawn. Humor blogging is cheaper than therapy....more

    Of Life, Education, E-bay, Travel & Books

    Where I muse and comment on my daily life, with bits of philosphy and wry observations thrown in for good measure. ...more

    Of Mouse and Men

    The quest to transcend my profoundly damaged heart and let love in....more

    Of Radio Dials and Knitting Needles

    This is the day-to-day life of a college student and her endeavors in finding herself, her education, her knitting, and just trying to make it out there in the big, wide world. ...more

    Of Seeds and Thorns

    Location St. Louis, MO United States See map: Google Maps Of Seeds and Thorns is where I document the big, little, funny, and sad events in my life. It is a place where I can be creative and write in a way that’s all my own. It’s where I give voice to the irreverent jokes in my head and document my food love. It’s my creative outlet and place where I can fanatically confess my adoration of cats (the animal, not the musical). My content varies, but I try to be funny and smart since I value these traits as a reader. I hope you stop by!...more

    Of Such is the Kingdom

    Inspiration for moms who desire to rejoice always in their parenting ...more

    Of Woods and Words

    Location Minnesota United States See map: Google Maps Reflections, humor, and tips about life as a freelance writer with a very rural lifestyle...more

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