Queen of Pith

    Life. Love. Sarcasm. ...more

    Queen Of Planet Hotflash

    Your Entering the HOT ZONE!!! Warning to those that enter I am being tortured by MENOPAUSE therefore what I say and do will be solely blamed on MENOPAUSE. A/C is always on, I cry and laugh at the same time, the expression may be sweet but the inner turmoil is not. So if your ready to be a citizen of Planet Hotflash your welcome, Come On In! ...more

    Queen of Pots

    Location Tipperary Ireland Photography, Food, Life, Family, Work, Chocolate, Weight loss.  These are a few of my favourite things....and a few not so favourite. ...more

    Queen of Quirky

    I'm quirky. Life's a journey. Come follow me. ...more

    Queen of Quirky

    Queen of Quirky offers a quirky take on life, food, divorce, marriage the second time around and the comings and goings of a 30-something Kansas City gal.  Featuring the (sometimes) weekly recap of the Queen's Fire & Wine cooking night --a tradition of trying new food adventures in the kitchen while drinking wine with girlfriends and attempting not to burn the house down. It is often silly, sometimes sappy but never takes itself too seriously. All material is viewed  under the microscope of the queen’s mantra, “keep it quirky.”...more

    Queen Of Relationships

    Sex, Relationship and dating advice with a funny twist. ...more

    Queen of the Harpies

    Please note that this is the blog of a pseudo-normal, ambiguity-loving s'more with obnoxious adherence to sesquipedalianism -- particularly when inebriated. If you made it past that, I'm better known as a mildly neurotic, poly single mom who records the soap operatic roller-coaster ride that is my life and displays it for public consumption. ...more

    Queen of the Jungle

    I usually write about the plights of motherhood.  You know, the ins and outs, day to day rants of a stay at home mom cooped up in her home with no adult interaction except facebook and Oprah.  I take myself lightly, and find it easier to laugh at myself and my situation than to take it too seriously.  I'm honest, and usually write what you're thinking but would never dream of saying out loud....more

    Queen of the Jungle

    I'm a child of the '80s who yearns for the days when they played real music on the radio and the tv execs didn't rely on crappy shows to earn a buck. Yet I'm also woman of the millenials who will not hesitate to sing a Pussycat Dolls tune or defend her undying allegiance to Battlestar Galactica and Lost. ...more

    Queen of West Procrastination

    Having (in spite of my abilities as the Master Procrastinator) finished the Master's Thesis, gotten married, and moved half-way across the country, join me in my newest incentive for procrastination: the PhD. ...more

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