Queeristan: desi queered by queer desis

    Queeristan is a blog created by a group of South Asians (desis) specifically for the South Asian LGBT community. The contributors to this blog include women (one of our regular writers, Kam, is female). We are the only site available for the South Asian LGBT community that updates regularly with relevant and reliable content. ...more

    Quercus Florida

    Location 227 New Street New Bern NC, 28560 United States See map: Google Maps This was my very first blog. I had a very  difficult time picking a category because I have been pretty much all over the place with the subject matter, which is femivore, political, green, humor. Whatever caught my attention at the time. I have several other blogs, and I think there are a couple of areas that I would really like to focus my attention on. Oddly, almost none of this has to do with what I do and have done for a living as I am an artist, an Internet marketer and an alternative healer....more

    Quest for Balance

    I would like to help you and others find happiness and inner peace. I believe it is possible for everyone, and easier than it seems. This blog is intended to be helpful and uplifting. You can learn more about it in my post entitled Why Read This?. I welcome your comments.--Lisis ...more

    Quest For Common Sense

    " A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words." This being true, I post lots of pictures of my hobbies, travel, family, friends, and passtimes, filling in where needed with an explainations, captions, or an occasional actual posts.  Generally I like to be concise.  My topic matter includes gardening, hiking, exploring, touring, four-wheeling, boating, family and children, crocheting, sewing, knitting, painting, reading, cooking, photography, outings with friends, and other topics of interest. ...more

    questionable rationale

    My blog is about me, my current deployment to Kosovo, and about me attempting to find myself at the age of 23, despite all the obstacles that I keep hitting. It's about what it's like to be a girl in the army, and about the many interesting things that I find online and how I relate them to my life. ...more

    Questioner's Garden Time

    Fun. Facts. Finding out about growing your own organic fruit and vegetables. ...more

    questions for dessert

    trying to be me but better: laughing, taking pictures, praying, cooking, and hopefully shrinking ...more


    Location brooklyn, ny United States See map: Google Maps Quiche-a-Week is a blog devoted to providing vegans and vegetarians with protein packed, healthy, and delicious recipes to promote clean eating and living...and a smaller waistline. Low-carb, high-protein recipes take center stage with a side of wit and not-your-average-recipe-blog storytelling....more

    Quick & Easy, Cheap & Healthy

    my attempts to prove that cooking healthy can be quick, easy, cheap AND delicious ...more

    Quick and Dirty in the Kitchen

    A cooking blog with no fuss, just fun. ...more

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