Trula's Blog

    Personal blog of Cleveland, OH area writer Trula Breckenridge, founder of Mama Specific Productions. Includes entries about writing, parenting, gardening, weigh ...more

    Truly Inspired Mom

    I am young. I am busy. I am a stay-at-home mom and a wife, and a home based business owner. In the past, I spent my life eating bon-bons and watching Oprah. Currently, I spend my time changing nappies, bathing infants (is it just one?), forcing medicine down throats, doing poop-y laundry and humming lullabies until my throat breaks. When I am not doing any of these, I write about it all in my blog. ...more

    Truly Twisted Marketing

    Truly Twisted Marketing is about innovative, unusual, unconventional marketing tips and strategies. It's a marketing blog about invigorating and inspiring small business owners and entrepreneurs to co ...more

    Truth ... Not Tasers

    272 North Americans have died proximal to taser use. Fifteen of those who have died were Canadian. What the manufacturer and other proponents of tasers DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW about tasers.< ...more

    Truth In Aging

    Truth In Aging attempts to siphon out what beauty products really work and why,<!--break--> and deliver that honest truth to the consumer. You practically need a degree in chemistry to decipher the label on a bottle of drug store moisturizer these days. I am dedicated to honest, unbiased reporting amidst claims that are often misleading and confusing. And, in all the noise, there are actually some good things out there that get missed because we are bewildered, jaded and/or cynical. ...more

    Truth In Decorating

     Truth in Decorating started out being a commentary about what you see in decorator's magazine versus reality at home. I realized after life-long exercises in futility that what you see on TV, in magazines, and on the internet is not always what you get in real life, usually not even close. It evolved from there to include humorous observations,sentimental journeys, rants, raves, & open questions. I love decorating, DIY, gardening, and home improvement in general, even though I am no expert at any of them. And it shows....more


    Location Canada See map: Google Maps I live out loud. It’s kinda my thing. You will never wonder what I’m thinking or how I’m feeling. It can be annoying – for all of us. But it can be really great, too. I’m easy to get to know, I’m fun, and I talk about the stuff that makes us feel isolated when we live it alone. I don’t want to live life in solitude. I don’t want to live a life wondering if I’m the only one feeling like this. And so… I blog....more

    Try It, Mom!

    Try It, Mom! is filled with fun pics of my boys along with tips, inspiration, and opinions on all things baby.  I share our family's daily adventures as well as our travel mishaps & successes....more

    Try it. You'll like it.

    To my friends and family I am known as the queen of clumsy. Just one step away from having face-time with the floor again. It really doesn’t matter what I’m up to, because in the end, I’m going down. So understandably, when the words “Try it. You’ll like it.” dangle in the air, they are met with a sour face full of apprehension. It’s time to get over that. To untangle myself and kick some adventurous butt.  Because ultimately,  I want to leave my mark on the world even if it means adding a few more marks on me....more


    I am a typical Gen X working mom trying to be the best mother, wife, co-worker, daughter, sister, and friend that I can be. Saying no is a challenge so I take on more than I should. Making it all look easy is my quest. Sometimes I succeed and often I don't. I guess that's what makes me typical....more

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