Tales from Mid-Air

    As a three year old, I wore red cowboy hats and wrote stories in the margins. As a five year old, I dug for clay under swingsets and jumped from slides with "Wonder Woman" as my battle cry. My dad died when I was six because he drank too much. My Mama's heart broke when I was 26; I couldn't fix it. I've spent my life in Denver, living and loving. I'm a restless spirit who is finally seeing the peace in every day--who finally loves where she is and who she is just because it is what it is. I'm a human being. I make mistakes. ...more

    Tales From Pixie Wood

    Link TextTales From Pixie Wood. Days in England by Cherry Menlove ...more

    Tales from the 'Hood --- [MotherHood]

    Sister, Please! is a blog written by me–a mother, sister, daughter, and friend. I blog about my everyday life, funny things that happen to me and thus “Tales from the Hood”–[motherhood]. I am here to entertain, to educate and to give my opinion on a variety of topics. From plastic surgery to childbirth, discount shopping to mammograms–you name it I cover it. ...more

    Tales from the Bum Bum patch: a daily report from the frontlines of motherhood.

    There's an entire culture out there that I've just discovered and I'm very excited to learn more about it.Working in a newsroom laying out newspaper pages for the past eight years has left me in the dark when it comes to the world of blogs. And almost all online technology - except Google, of course.I swear, the first time I learned about blogging I was in university and blogs where really for geeks and nerds (are we still calling them that?). At the time blogs were BORING.Call me a nerdy, geeky, whatever, but I'm hooked on blogging. ...more

    Tales From The Burning Prairie

    Sit by the fire and let me tell you a story. ...more

    tales from the crib

    tales from the crib:outnumbered by Y chromosomes since 2004 ...more

    tales from the crib

    .MsgBody-text, .MsgBody-text * { font: 10pt monospace; }trying to find the humor in the mundane events of everyday life. ...more

    Tales From The Farm House

    This blog is about the coming and goings of my life as a farm girl. I discuss politics, infertility, adoption, being a SAHM, and a wife to a farmer as well as anything in between. Stories, pictures and videos dipicting my life as I know it and most of the time love it. ...more

    Tales From The Foot Of The Bed

    One woman's writing and poetry ...more

    Tales from the Gutter

    Former radio programmer turned unemployed twenty something due to a crappy economy ...more

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