A fictional blog about the Vampire Psychologist.  This blog is an experiment in creative writing, the Internet, and in media itself.  It also has a sister site: Box of Mementos, which contains additional content filling out the Vampirony world. ...more

    Vampituity- The ability to improvise in perpetuity!

    Vampituity is the practice of improvising in perpetuity. It is a created word that represents the artistic, intuitive component of the practice of marketing. It's a noun, a verb, an adverb, a curse word even- if you're desperate. ...more

    Vampy Varnish

    Vampy Varnish is dedicated to showing the latest nail polish brands, colors and trends in the industry ...more

    Van Erwin

    A mom & designer blog about life, love, fashion, interior design, graphic design, toys, children, advice and lamentations great links to all mom stuff. ...more


    skills include drinking, smoking and swearing ...more

    Vancouver Blogger Gus Greeper

    Vancouver Blogger since 2005 maker of Sock Monkeys since 2004   ...more

    Vanderbilt Wife

    Musings of a twentysomething wife...mostly about work, weight, memories, books, God, and trying to conceive ...more

    Musings and pictures. I'm liable to talk about cats, cooking, Brooklyn, crochet, and myself. Enjoy! ...more

    Vanilla Bites

    Location India My name is Shilpa Deshmukh. Cooking and especially baking has been my passion since childhood. My blog is my canvas for food and photography. This is were I pen down my baking adventures and connect with my fellow foodies. One may not choose to become a chef professionally in their career but the heart always knows what its calling is. This blog allows me to let out my creative energy and pen down my food memoirs. ...more

    Vanilla Lemonade

    Chef, Creative Developer, Top Ranked as Ultimate Day Dreamer, Amateur Photographer.  Follow along life inside the kitchen and out!!...more

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