vari·form (ver′ə fôrm′, var′-)adjectivevaried in form; having various forms    I am an almost 40 year old Mom of five crazy fun kids, ranging in age from 8 years to 17 years.  I've been married to my old man for 18 years.  On my blog I write a lot about crafts, from crochet to painting, I love most crafts!  I also write about the fun of raising my spawn and life stories.  I hope you stop by!...more

    Varsity Parenting: Raising a Smarter, Stronger, Safer High School Athlete

     We’re so glad you found us. ...more

    VAS Littlecrow's Live Journal

    The work, leisure and politics of illustrator and former model, Vanesa Littlecrow Wojtanowicz. ...more

    Vast Amount of Spare Time

    I'm an at home mom who loves to cook, knit, crochet, sew, do all things crafty, practice yoga, garden, watch Jon Stewart, and laugh at myself. Often simultaneously. My blog consists of random drivel about all the things I do while chasing two small boys. ...more

    Vasudha Pande

    A collection of writings in verse, other works and things much worse. ...more

    VDog & Little Man

    Stay at home mommy blog with the most adorable toddler on the planet! (I may be over exagerrating here.) ...more

    Ramblings of a fiery redhead. ...more

    Veep Veep

    One Mom. Three Kidlets.  In a Very Big City.  Veep Veep is the road trip of her life. ...more

    Veg Baker, J.D.

    This blog describes the blogger's journey to veganize her favorite foods. The end of each post includes recipes. ...more

    Veg Girl RD

    A diary of vegetarian food from a dietitian's perspective.  As a dietitian, my life is based around food, at work and at home.  As a vegetarian, my food is based on plants.  I love cooking, eating out and traveling and enjoy figuring out ways to eat healthfully and meatlessly while doing all three. By navigating each day, each meal with these goals in mind, I've come across favorite recipes, successful strategies, and found solutions to common cooking questions.  I hope to stay one step ahead so I can share nutrition tips, mealtime hints and shopping idea...more

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