Veggie Belly Food Blog

    Vegetarian Food. Travel. Recipes ...more

    Veggie Bon Vivant

    veggies with a side of saucy red-head commentary...more

    Veggie Going Vegan

    Chronicling my efforts to shift from being a 17-year vegetarian to a day at a time. ...more

    Veggie Mama

    Vegetarian mama making veggie food and delicious baked treats for her family....more

    Veggie My Love

    Life goes by way too quickly. When you garden it forces you to slow down and appreciate the smallest things that nature offers. Veggie My Love is a place where you can relax and unwind, and enjoy the fresh foods, flowers, and the wonders of the world around you...and maybe have a good laugh at the same time. ...more

    Veggie Num Nums

    Vegetarian cooking and baking....more


    I have a great passion towards cooking and finally ended with creating this blog.fThe recipes which I post here are the recipes learnt from my mom , my mom -in-law, from internet and from different cookbooks. Some are of my own imagination....more

    Veggie Queen Adventures

    Join Jill Nussinow, a.k.a. The Veggie Queen, the vegetable and vegetarian expert Link TextLink Text as she takes you on a journey into the vegetable kingdom (or queendom). ...more

    Veggie Scene

    We are total veggie heads, offering light-hearted and witty commentary on news pertaining to vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians or anyone trying to live a more conscious lifestyle. We don't take ourselves too seriously and we love to blur the line between pop culture, fashion, current events and the veggie lifestyle....more

    Veggie Vixen

    Veggie Vixen is geared towards women, but can be useful for anyone.  It focuses on living a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle, by eating vegan, making your own natural beauty and household products, and other tips for living a more natural and holistic life :)...more

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