Yet Another Blog

    The life and times of Yet Another Jenny. Mom of 2, digital scrapbooker, staying at home despite ridiculously expensive higher education. Brace yourself for lots of scrapbook pages, cute kid stories, and a little whining now and again. ...more

    Yet Another Weight Watchers Blog

    I made Lifetime in Weight Watchers in 2002, but as you can see, that did not end the battle for me. This time around, I'm taking things slowly and trying to be sane about it. My goal now is to have a life where weight isn't something I think about much. ...more

    Yi Reservation

    Location New York City United States See map: Google Maps Yi Reservation is a recipe and food blog with a focus on authentic Asian cuisines. ...more


    Don't agonize, organize ... that's my mantra. It's certainly better than doing nothing! But, sometimes even your best efforts don't give you the results you were hoping for. And some things are ...more

    YinzR Readin

    I'm a recovering MFA student with a passion for Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry, books, doing fun stuff with my kids and the unique culture of the city that I love, Pittsburgh.   If you like pierogies, the occasional dive bar and have ever spent a Friday night googling "celebrity nip slips" with your best pals, we'll probably get along just fine.  ...more

    Yips and Howls: A Writer's Reflections on Nature and Culture

    A writer, I look for inspiration and distractions in nature. An anthropologist, I ponder the places where nature and culture meet. A kitchen gardener, I promote biodiversity and learn from farming traditions around the world. A recovering academic, I try to do all with compassion and humor. ...more

    Yo Mama

    A blog that addresses the cultural issues surrounding womanhood and motherhood....more

    Yo Toi

    An inspirational space on the web for lovers of music, fashion, DIY beauty, cooking, and style....more

    Yo, Jenny, listes

    Back to School Blues? By JO Here is another thing that I never really understood before I had children – they are very unpredictable.  I did know that but not to the degree that I learned just yesterday.   ...more


    Yobodish ia where you’ll find authentic Korean and Lebanese recipes that have been in the family for generations....more

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