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    "It's Daddies. Plural."

    We are Paul & Chris... and we became Daddies (yes, plural) of Kensington Grace on 12/25/2008. This blog is about two dads, gay adoption and life with our princess. You can also find great resources on adoption portfolios / profiles, gay fatherhood, gay marriage, politics, and other items that cross our paths. ...more

    a Daddy Blog

    This daddy shares a home in Texas (of all places) with his beautiful bride; a bouncing baby girl; a not so small nor bouncy dog, and a slightly weathered pet rock that inexplicably keeps finding its way to the rubbish bin. He claims to be moderately literate, adequately well traveled, and is clearly well fed. Want more… read his blogs....more

    A Global Sharing Circle for Women over 50!

    Honestly, we just want to share, make you laugh, and possibly help you find a bra!We reveal secret recipes, share what is on our minds, and write about what moves us.We are women over 50, and frankly, it was a "Oops!" moment.Suddenly.We will be letting you in on our picks of what works, or makes us squeal with delight. ...more


    Reports from an adventure in part-time urban homesteading on one-tenth of an acre.  Tips, failures, thoughts, musings & other miscellanea about gardening, foraging, growing trees and vines and raising laying ducks in the city, from a frugal-minded, anybody-can-do-it perspective....more

    alfred lives here

    'alfred lives here' started in 2009 as a personal blog with all kinds of opinions and ramblings, and lots of love for Alfred the adorable furball (aka dog). Then we got engaged and it became a journey of a same-sex wedding in Canada, and the family dancing and social and personal journey that went along with it....more
  • and im no miss

    this is the me that most of the time people don't see...more

    thanks for paying a visit..cheers!



    Im no ...more

    Artisan World Market

    A blog that features fashion, lifestyle and shopping for artistic and designer resources, including handmade treasures, home improvement products, jewelry, bags, women’s favorites, one of a kind items, unique gifts, eco friendly products, children’s stuff, beauty, paper designs, cards, creative designs and more. ...more

    Autism Blogger

    A social network focused on autism. Our mission is to allow people who have been affected by autism to share their stories, provide support and to help others. Please join our growing community!...more


    Founder and Ceo, Diana Lussenden Stewart, blogs about her five-year-old love affair with creating 100% natural, certified organic skin care products for mama + baby. Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, BABYBEARSHOP Organic grew out of Diana's love and concern for her daughter who developed painful skin allergies as a baby. If you are looking for a eco chic mama with a love for all things natural and organic, this if a great journey to follow. ...more

    Backpacking Dad

    A blog about my daughter, our backpacking dadventures, and the stories we find in the Mommy-dominated Silicon Valley. Some stories are funny. Some are awkward. Some are true. ...more

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