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    Oh the possibilities!

    Wife, mother, eager learner, voracious reader, keen writer, shopaholic, blogaholic, weight watcher, handbag lover, baby theologian, excited about love, always hope filled, proud co-founder of "Say it with Flowers" and "Whispered Support," trying to mesh the mantra "to just be" with "My next project is..." Thanks for stopping by my blog. Leave a comment and I'll return the favour! ...more

    On the Road to a Cure

    Join the Lupus Foundation of America as we continue down the road to find a cure for lupus, a devastating disease that affects more than 1.5 million Americans. ...more

    Original Quality

    Yes, we need some Mr. Vegas to celebrate the good news: Susan will be in the National Post tomorrow, March 17th. BlogTO and the National Post have a deal where some of the blog's restaurant reviews are later published in the newspaper. Susan's review of Pachira restaurant was chosen. You can read the review on BlogTO here ...more


    Jason never thought he'd have daughters and now he'll always be, Outnumbered. ...more

    Popp Life

    Our crazy journey through marriage, children, and foster care....more

    Pregnancy and Back Pain

    Good news for those of you who have or fear long labors. Not only can chiropractic care ease symptoms during pregnancy, there is research that show it can ease delivery time and pain as well.Research found that women who receive chiropractic care during pregnancy have approximately 6 fewer hours of labor than women who did not receive care.According to a study by Irvin Hendryson, MD "visiting a chiropractor while being pregnant can help the expectent mother deliver the baby with more comfort." That's great news for mom and baby alike! ...more

    Professor Elkind Blog

    Renowned child psychologist David Elkind Ph.D. shares his experiences, opinions and insights on children’s perceptual, cognitive and social development. ...more

    Queer Liberation!

    A MySpace Blog dealing with Queer Issues as well as Women's Issues, Animal Issues, Racial Justice Issues, and whatever other issues I feel like writing about. ...more

    Queeristan: desi queered by queer desis

    Queeristan is a blog created by a group of South Asians (desis) specifically for the South Asian LGBT community. The contributors to this blog include women (one of our regular writers, Kam, is female). We are the only site available for the South Asian LGBT community that updates regularly with relevant and reliable content. ...more


    RecipePhile is all about experience. The experience me and my friends and family have shopping for, preparing, eating and enjoying food and wine. The original idea was inspired by my own family's love of food. This love for anything epicurean translated into RecipePhile and is now updated almost each and every day. ...more

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