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    Family Fan Club Blog

    Wear Your Support! ...more

    A blog written by a Jamaican on masculinity, gender politics, anti-sexism, anti-homophobia, social commentary and more. ...more

    Fight today and do it Red

    I'm in class making this website and joing with the frends....more


    The most important artblog in Norway. ...more

    Going Like Sixty

    Baby Boomer man writing stuff of interest to boomers or those who know one. Mostly irreverance, some politics, few rants, attempted humor. ...more

    Hanging with Dad

    Targeted mainly as a gathering place for stay at home dads, Hanging with Dad is about the experiences of a stay at home dad who has to survive in a world dominated by women. Having to survive being denied by "Mommy Groups", called "Mr. Mom" and being asked if it's his day to care for his son, the world of a stay at home dad can be a tough place to reside. Men and women are welcome as the trials and tribulations of raising a kid are discussed....more

    Have You Been On Location?

    Behind the scenes of your favorite TV shows and movies, plus travel and entertainment information in New York City. Discounts, contests, giveaways, scoop, gossip, filming information, celebrity spottings, and more. ...more

    I Have To Wipe His What?

    Location Los Angeles United States See map: Google Maps I am a stay at home dad with 2 kids ages 28 and 7 months. My wife is a highly succesful 6 inch pump wearing business professional. Because we are financially able, we decided it would be best for our kids if one of us stayed home to raise them.....yes even if it had to be me. In my blog I stick to writing specifically about my kids. I don't call it a family blog, then turn it into my own personal bragging site or boring journal....more

    Identity Theft Expert Speaker Protection Prevention Resource Blog

    Identity theft, personal security, and information security resource. ...more

    Inspiration for Women In Science: Interviews of women at the top of their field.

    The issue of gender equality in science is an issue that I really care about, and here's what I'm doing about it: I'm working as a Staff Scientist at a site called, and ever since I got there I've been devoting a lot of time to an idea of mine to interview as many women in science as I can. The first several interviews (NASA astrophysicist, international surgeon, Yale Physics Chair) have been so amazing, and I hope they are inspirational and helpful to young women interested in science, honoring to women, and fun! ...more

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