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    Dad's Dish Retro Blog

    A forty year old father of three dishes on all things retro, things I miss, and above all else.. the good old days!  I'm a child of the 70's AND 80's, stuck in the past, and living my life.. no matter how much it embarrases the kids!...more

    Daddy Dialectic: The Political Journal of a Dad-at-Home

    Being a dad ain't what it used to be. Women have more choices than they did prior to the feminist movement, and that means that men also have more choices. My name is Jeremy. I'm a writer and media consultant, but mostly, I take care of my toddler Liko. "Daddy Dialectic" is the political journal of a mostly stay-at-home dad; it exists to publicly chronicle my efforts to be a decent father and husband, and maybe in the process help other dads explore options that lie beyond the standard, gendered division of family labor. ...more

    Distracted Daddy

    A blog by Domestic Femmes for women....more

    Dr. Rick's Blog

    Dr. Rick's Blog offers parents and teachers advice, tips and thought-provoking topics to foster success in their students. ...more

    Dude Knows Best

    A Dude and his young family navigating through life’s experiences, enjoying the flow, abiding where necessary, and surfing as much as possible....more

    Dustin Maher, America's Trainer To Moms

    Dustin Maher, America's Trainer to the Moms, has been seen over 125 times in local and national media, and has trained over 4575 women. He has 22 home workout DVDs, and has sold over 10,000 DVDs. This blog is dedicated to sharing with women the truth when it comes to getting in even BETTER shape than before kids. The community is strong and we all support on another. We talk about the types of exercises that help burn the most fat, the types of food to eat to be healthy, and talk a lot about motivation and mindset change....more

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