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    A Common Girl

    A Common Girl - You Ain't Got Nothing On Me ...more

    A community of women and men blogging and sharing the positive things in their lives is a creation of a Syracuse, NY fertility doctor Robert Kiltz. I (Christine Briel) am the editor of the website and also an active blogger. We have bloggers that range from life coaches, horse trainers, acupuncturists, artists, therapists, doctor, cancer survivor, published authors ... and the list goes on. If you look at the People tab you will see we are mainly comprised of women bloggers - about 23 women out of 30 people. We would love to have our community blog included in BlogHer's directory. ...more

    A Deeper Green Blog

    A blog about my quest to make myself and my life a bit greener. ...more

    A Green Routine

    Location Nashua, NH & Pittsburgh, PA United States See map: Google Maps We're looking to make living a more environmentally friendly and chemical-free life less complicated and more fun. We'll share our research, recipes and practical advice based on our knowledge and experiences. Our goal is to inspire readers to try something new and we hope you’ll share your experiences with us too....more

    a hippie with a minivan...

    I am a stay at home mama of three gorgeous boys in a little town in Quebec. My boys make sure that I never have a boring day. We unschool, we believe in living consensually and respectfully and we try to live as Naturally as possible. This blog is about my life... parenting, unschooling, cooking, sewing and whatever else comes to mind... ...more

    A House Called Nut

    This blog is about the adventures of three urbanites (one American, one Finn, one dog of no fixed nationality) displaced to the Finnish countryside. In December 2008, we took up residence in Pähkinä (Finnish for “nut”) after a little joke about moving into our friend’s pretty, yellow cottage suddenly became a reality. If years of London living made our previous move to Helsinki seem like walking through a revolving door into a pasture of cows, what will become of this little walk in the woods? ...more

    A life in flux

    In 2009, I woke up from my 70 hour work week life and realized I wanted a change desperately. I was miserable, over weight, exhausted and in a rut. The worst part was my daughter was paying that price right along with me. Lifeinflux is my ongoing journey as I makeover my life and work towards defining and living my ultimate life. My name is Jeri. Please join me on the road towards reclaiming my inner artist, my inner athlete, my inner champion and my own life's head cheerleader while parenting and homeschooling a tween girl. ...more

    A Life Sustained

    Location Iowa City, IA United States See map: Google Maps I'm a midwestern mama who's trying to focus on what's important: living simply and being in the present moment. Until I find many acres on which to build a creative and sustainable homestead complete with bees, chickens and goats, I'm trying to balance new motherhood with working towards these dreams. There are many new skills that I desperately want to learn so that I can create beautiful and useful things. We're getting there. Slowly. ...more
  • A Little Greener Every Day

    Some useful information, some anecdotes, some rantings, and some inspiration from my quest to make my family and perhaps the world around me A Little Greener Every Day. ...more

    hey there!

    just signed onto blogher- ok well- just updated my information and listed my ...more

    a little of this

    A crafty, cooking, quilting, eco-friendly, mommy/family blog.  I was a pediatric intensive care nurse in my former life.  I'm living in Wisconsin and have two little ones.  ...more

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