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    ((little fat notebook))

    My philosophy is simple: things change. Therefore, we are all on a lifelong journey of discovery. We should be flexible, questioning, learning, adapting, and growing. Always. ...more

    (Gluten Free) Belle of the Desert

    Belle of the Desert is my personal blog. It's an outlet for sharing my thoughts, experiences, opinions and everything else that may pop into my brain from time to time.I am 31 years old, recently discovered that I am gluten intollerant and am making the switch to a gluten free lifestyle. I'm also a student of Psychology and a huge Phoenix Coyotes hockey fan. I counsel heroin addicts for a living at the moment....more

    (The Handmade Project)

    A domestic girl in a material world....more

    *Butterfly Thoughts

    Location Nugegoda Stanley Thilakarathne Mw, Sri Lanka This blog is mainly focused on Youth. Through this blog I try to give something new for them to learn. All the topics I discuss here, are close to the heart of a Youth. There are travel articles, articles about pets, recycling, how to choose perfumes and shampoos are some of them. ...more

    *Green Little Cat is a blog dedicated exclusively to greener living ideas for cats and cat lovers ...more

    + Mia Zucca +

    Two friends finding inspiration in nature and everyday life. ...more


    Black beauty is one that is unique and indigenous only to those of african descent. Its evied and imitated by those who lack its distinctive traits. Yet, we don't seem to love or accept, but fear and reject it. Stop letting people tell you that only those with "good" hair can grow sensational lengths or can have a healthy, glorious crown. Stop putting cash in the underqualified stylists hands and learn to do it on your own. A 6 billion dollar industry, and not a cent of its going into your pockets. Reclaim your cash, and your pride. ...more


    I am only one woman trying to make a difference. The sole purpose of this blog is to encourage the web community to educate itself by creating a village of ideas and activists. This is your voice. This is your chance to make a difference. This is the minute you can choose to do just 1 thing. ...more

    1 Voice 4 Peace

    A blog that advocates for peace, both inner and outer.  I aim to inspire, connect, and share-- and, hopefully, spread a little peace with my one little voice.  :) ...more

    100 Days to Hippie

    I'm an environmentally-conscious, twenty-something single mom living in Jacksonville, Florida....more

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