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    A Roller Girl: Taking Note of Life Day by Day

    roller girl is a recent graduate from college...writing thoughts, ideas, inspirations & other things of those sort. searching to find happiness every day and finding it in the big, little, warm & earthy things! ...more

    A Shared Mile

    A little cooking, a little science, a little travel...a blog about lifes adventures and the people we share them with ...more

    A Simmering Pot and a Mom

    Our family's adventures in cooking, parenting, and building a suburban homestead....more

    a tasteful garden... ramblings on all things garden, food & living

    ramblings on all things garden, food & living ...more

    A Touch of the Past

    Connecting with Nature Finding Joy in Wild Places Living a Simple and Healthy Life ...more

    adaptive reuse

    Location Austin United States See map: Google Maps At adaptive reuse you're likely to find mention of just about any topic that strikes my fancy. However, being a jeweler working with upcycled decorative tins, I do tend to be inordinately interested in the use and creative reuse of materials. To this end you may find me writing about engaging artists creating sculpture from trash or my latest score at the thrift store and how I plan to re-purpose it. Through it all, the theme of creative reuse is apparent. You might also want to stop by to see some of the awesomeness of Austin, TX....more

    Adventures in Mommyhood: Mommy Outnumbered

    This blog follows my crazy life as a SAHM mom to 4 kids ages 5, 3, 2 and 1.  I cover all of our life's ups and downs with 100% honesty, I do not hold back or sugar coat anything. I write about our journey through the shift to real and natural foods, babyhood, toddlerhood,  breastfeeding, adoption, gentle parenting, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, green living and every random moment inbetween....more

    Adventures of a Thrifty Mama on a Trailer Park Homestead

    Location The Trailer Park Homestead United States See map: Google Maps I'm talkin' hardcore thrifty, as in I avoid stores as much as possible and "use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without"...or grow or make my own.  This isn't the "oh I'm going to clip a few coupons and buy things at sales" kind of thrifty.   The blog focuses on the day to day dealings of my trailer park homestead and living well and cheap, including topics such as gardening, cooking, do-it-yourself, making your own products, and living a simple life  ...more

    Adventures Worth Noting

    Art | Design | Decorating | Style | Recipies | Crafts | DIY | Organizing...more

    aestheticflow: the search for creative experience in everyday life

    This blog focuses on living creatively through art, music, writing, mindfullness and more. It contains links and reviews of interesting artists, essays about creative expression, and personal narrative about the author's own struggles to remain balanced and live up to her creative potential. In addition to thinking about traditional modes of creativity, the author explores other forms of expression, and tackles the question "What does it mean to be creative?" ...more

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