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    Baby Grows Green

    One parent's quest for easy and affordable green living ...more


    Founder and Ceo, Diana Lussenden Stewart, blogs about her five-year-old love affair with creating 100% natural, certified organic skin care products for mama + baby. Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, BABYBEARSHOP Organic grew out of Diana's love and concern for her daughter who developed painful skin allergies as a baby. If you are looking for a eco chic mama with a love for all things natural and organic, this if a great journey to follow. ...more

    BabyLovesMother blog by Tracy Hamblin

    Blog about a mother of 3 trying to live a simple life amoungst self-driven chaos. Focus on home-birth (homebirth), breastfeeding, baby waearing and attatchment style parenting. ...more

    Bad Human, Don't take chemicals from strangers!

    My fiance and I are chronicling our entry into the green life. We are going to be making our own soap, candles, bread etc. We are going to start a garden and leave the cars parked. ...more

    Bad Mama Genny

    Location Chicago, IL United States See map: Google Maps Bad Mama Genny Like a mommy blog. Except I'm not a mommy. And it's about extreme DIY and homesteading. And food, food, food. And gardening in fishnets. And moonshine makin'. And the fine mess I've gotten us into this time. So not at all like a mommy blog. Ok, you know what, just read the damn blog.         Let’s get one thing straight: we’re all misfits here... ...more

    Balls Out Domestic Club

    There are four of us.  While we live all over the Pacific Northwest (jealous?) with very different lives, all of us are tied together by a few common threads - a genuine desire to be good to our families, our earth, and ourselves. We like to do domestic things and don’t care that domesticity is slightly uncool. We are on a quest to grow our own food, bake our own bread, and raise our own poultry. We like the challenge of learning new things, and getting crazy good at old skills. We like feeling like we can make something that is better and more meaningful than what we can buy. ...more

    Barefoot & Crazy

    Location Pacific NW United States See map: Google Maps   I'm young and in love with my husband and our baby boy   I like adventures especially the hard ones that teach and grow me   Life can be boring/difficult if you don't choose to find the joy/wonder...more

    Barefoot by the Sea

    Location Seacoast, New Hampshire United States See map: Google Maps I left my career at a Fortune 500 company to pursue the glamorous world of changing diapers, tantrums and finger painting.  Along the way, we'll do tons of crafts, make some delicious and healthy recipes, share parenting tips, advice and rants, discuss motherhood, discuss my favorite products, promote giveaways, rant, laugh and do everything in between. Come along on my journey, as I raise two young girls here on the Seacoast of New Hampshire, Barefoot by the Sea!...more

    BaRou is the new Bklyn

    Colleen Kane is a writer who spent nearly seven years in Brooklyn, while working as a writer and editor for BUST and Playgirl magazines and contributed to other publications. In August 2007, she and her fiance moved to Baton Rouge while he attends grad school and she writes her first novel. A Jersey girl by origin, Colleen's mind is frequently blown by Southern culture. She blogs about that a lot, but also about her travels, the challenges of eating vegetarian and healthy in the Deep South, and all sorts of other tomfoolery. She is funny. ...more

    Be Sweetly Inspired

    Hey y'all! I'm Lauren, a gluten free wife, mommy, "bonus (step) mom," yoga practitioner/student/teacher, designer and small business owner of Be Sweetly Inspired. Whew that's a lot of titles! Really, I like to make things up, things that inspire me and other folks. I like words, images, videos, simplicity and sometimes chaos! I blog about my DIY adventures as I decorate, organize and redecorate my home and my life! I play with and adapt gluten free recipes, mostly sweets and treats....more

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