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    I've seen a big chunk of the world. Mastered the subway system in New York, worked red carpets in Los Angeles, studied foreign policy in Europe....more

    Cadry's Kitchen

    The foods we choose are a practical way everyday of creating a more compassionate life.  Through recipes, stories, and easy cooking ideas, I explore the joy, health, and wellbeing that comes with a whole foods vegan diet.  From the outside, veganism looks like limits. From the inside, freedom....more

    Cage Free Family

    Watch us change everything about ourselves as we discover our true values and apply them to our lives; finding out what we're really made of...Love. Family, complete with Mama, Papa, Sis, Brother and 200 lbs of dog, donates all possessions and hits the road in a 25 year old RV to gain an true education in life, liberty and pursuing happiness. ...more

    Car Free with Kids

    Two lesbians with 1.5 kids blogging about being carfree, biking, public transportation, walking, and maintaining a green/thrifty/simple lifestyle. ...more

    Cariboo Ponderer

    I go by the name of Vic Grace on the internet, it is not my real name but a translation of it. I live in the Northern Cariboo region of British Columbia in a tiny village of 350 people. I live just outside the village about 3000 ft above sea level surrounded by wilderness for many miles. In my blog I relate stories of the wildlife that live around me, some memories, observations, travels and computing experiences plus other topics as they occur to me. ...more is owned by Lou Ann Hammond. Hammond appears on television and radio talking about automobiles and alternative energies. Specifically, she talks about getting off the dependence of foreign oil. ...more

    carlyklock: cultured and thriving in a 'flyover state'

    My name is Carly.  My middle name is Klock (it's a family name) and yes, I'm very well-timed. I'm a twenty-something modern woman thriving amidst Conservative America. Crazy, I know! ...more

    Cash Cowan

    For shopaholics looking to save a little moo-lah. ...more

    Cat Wisdom 101

    At Cat Wisdom 101 we enlighten and entertain cat lovers with original content daily from holistic cat behavior advice, Vet 101, pet product reviews & giveways, pet-related book reviews and giveaways with award-winning cat photography and writing. Cat Wisdom 101 was created in 2011 by holistic cat behaviorist and award-winning writer/photographer Layla Morgan Wilde....more

    catnip and mint

    tree hugging, ladies, feminism, good real food, style, systems of oppression, sustainability, the collapse, education, california, bicycles, transit, urbanism, earth day, justice, equity,  love. catnip and mint *...more

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