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    Critters And Crayons

    The Critters and Crayons Blog is a blog focused on humor in parenting, kid and family activities, greener living, cooking, art, literature, simplifying, parenting struggles and other intriguing and odd things that bring happiness and laughter.  It aims to find the funny in the every day- and, in particular, the most humorless of parenting situations.  It’s also a place for parents to find resources and first-person reviews of activities around Laredo, Texas for children and families.  ...more

    Crunchy Domestic Goddess

    My name is Amy (AKA amygeekgrl, AKA crunchy domestic goddess). I live in Colorado with my husband Jody (yes, he’s a guy) and my two children Ava (born 6/2004) and Julian (born at home 11/2006). I am passionate about natural childbirth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, gentle discipline, recycling, green living, organic foods, informed healthcare decisions and other things considered crunchy/granola/earthy. I practice Attachment Parenting (or parenting by instinct) because it feels right for me and my family. ...more

    Crunchy Green Lovin' Mom ...more


    My personal blog where I share about the things I'm finding interesting that day. Topics include spirituality, paganism, news and politics, all things crunchy, environmentalism, gay and lesbian (because I am one), personal finance, photography, beer, wine, videos, arts, hobbies, relationships, travel, outdoors, and oh so much more. You should check it out....more

    Cubit's Organic Living

    Culinary Heritage

    Education ourselves about food, practicing culinary arts...more

    Curious George and Holly Hobby

    Fumbling through faith, family, fun and fundamentals daily making a better life for me and you....more

    Curious World of L

    a lifestyle blog that highlights mindfulness, joy and simple living....more

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