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    Elusive Onions

    Recent readings about slow food, organic food and local eating have prompted me to change my eating habits.  Elusive Onions records my attempts to adjust my diet without getting fat, going broke or driving myself crazy in the process. ...more

    Embark Love the Life You Live

    My work & blog's focus is supporting you through moving your life from Thunderbolt experience to Transformation to Thriving. A Thunderbolt experience is job loss, serious illness, divorce- something that shakes you to your core and feels like you’ve been hit by lightening. Read, comment and contact if you: -are stressed, and anxious about what choices to make-want to leave your job because of workplace bullying or hostile work environment-depressed as you feel there is no good choice-Coping with crisis but feeling overwhelmed...more

    Emerging Mummy: The Intersections of a Spirit Filled Life

    At any given time, I ramble and rant and ruminate on the things that make up my life and interests such as parenting, faith, simple living, creativity, politics, news, environmentalism, missional living, literature, breastfeeding, get the idea. I'm all over the place.As a snapshot....I am a follower of Jesus....more


    EmSun is a collaboration between several writers on the topics of food and health, gardening and home, parenting and education, traveling, and book reviews. The overarching theme is that of living a simple and happy life and being fulfilled by the small things....more

    En mi cocina hoy

    South American recipes in Spanish and English. Pilar Hernandez, the voice and the cook behind "En mi cocina hoy", was once a physician. Today is a blogger, food writer, avid urban gardener, mother and wife. Living and eating in Houston, TX....more

    End Of Ordinary

    Location Pacific Northwest United States See map: Google Maps After noticing the lives of myself and my family starting to verge dangerously into the land of stressed out consumerism and junk food therapy, we have decided to undergo a transformation from quantity life to quality time together....more


    EnviroMom is about raising green kids in Portland, Oregon. We are two Portland moms, neither of us environmental experts. But we are trying to learn to live more lightly on the earth and teach our kids to care for the environment. ...more


    Location Canada See map: Google Maps A blog about parenting, the environment, entertainment, music and fun stuff too. Basically I talk about things that I find interesting or are relevant to what is going on in my life at the moment....more

    Environmental Campaigner of the Year Anna Heywood

    Campaigner of the year writes ...more
  • Environmental Health-Wellness-Beauty...Get Informed Now!

    Synergy needs to exist between consumer choices, health and a healthy world. Our mission is to educate and inspire people to make healthier, more informed consumer choices. Begin or continue your green journey here with environmental news and health info about:organics, yoga, natural products, environmental toxins, vaccines, ways to live chemical free, green jobs and green giveaways. Our future depends on our knowledge and actions. What choices will you make today that will change your health and the health of our world tomorrow?...more

    It feels like we may share a kindred spirit. This is a new world we are living in. I love ...more

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