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    Feast for Thought

    Feast for Thought ... to chew on and ruminate over. This page is turning out as a pot-pourri of outbursts that range from easy recipes to sleazy MP's. Inputs, comments & criticisms are very welcome. You'll find here fillers full of insight realised with hindsight intended to better the foresight. ...more

    Feel Good Fast Food

    Feel Good Fast FoodTMr efers to a culture of awareness and well-being. The movement promotes better eating habits, environmental consciousness and community. It encourages healthy and sustainable fast food restaurant practices, and is intended to change the way people eat and feel. We recognize that people cannot easily slow down their fast paced lifestyles to focus on being more healthy, so the Feel Good Fast Food vision is to help people be more aware of what they consume without changing the pace of their lives. ...more

    Feel Good Guru

    An online destination celebrating people, ideas and things that make the world a better place. Read by CHUPPIES - Conscious, Healthy Urbanites with Passion & Power to Inspire Evolution. Feel Good Guru, founded by Moira Nordholt, is all about healthy plant-powered food, cool eco-stuff, green travel and inspirational people, peppered with a little irreverence and lots of laughter. Not trying to be the best in the world, but striving to be good for the world.  ...more

    Fierce Paradise

    Wandering through Life as a Mama. The ramblings of a crunchy Christian mama of two.  ...more

    Figuring it Out as we Grow

    Here at Figuring it Out as we Grow, I am trying to do just that. Most of the time, I'm just making it up as we go! I'm the mom of two little monsters, and we are just trying to make it through the day alive and happy! Join me here, and share stories of motherhood, relationships, and life in general, and we can figure it out together :)...more

    Figuring Out 40

    I started blogging 5+ years ago about being 30something (yes, inspired by the fabulous 80s show) - then I hit a roadblock. I turned 40. Now what? Well, now I'm figuring out 40 - with a career, some freelance work, a daughter in university (in another country!), a son in high school, and a marriage in transition. I write about searching for balance, happiness, healthy recipes, adventures, creativity...and the perfect glass of red wine. ...more

    Finding What I am Looking For

    Ramblings about being a Christian, a wife, a mother and a somewhat crunchy thirty-something ...more

    Finger Lakes Foodie

    Location Canandaiga, NY United States See map: Google Maps Centered on the idea that good living begins with good food, good drink and living more on less. Devoted to helping people discover, learn and share more about the local food of the Finger Lakes Region of New York,  sustainability, and discovering a simpler way of life....more

    Fit and Frugal Natural Kitchen

    Fit and Frugal Natural Kitchen is my comfort writing food; an ongoing catalogue of natural food news and recipe experiments that shoot for great nutrition and taste without breaking the bank....more

    Fit For A Mom - Balancing fitness, family, and entrepreneurship and my search for products to help along the way

    Join me in my journey as a mom entrepreneur, runner and fitness fanatic, green and simple living momma trying to balance a business, the fit life and family.  I started my blog because I was looking for resources/product reviews for fit families and could not find much out there so I set out to capture that niche myself by creating "Fit For A Mom".  In addition to highlighting products/resources to make the fit family life easier, I also throw in sprinklings of my own personal quests at trying to be the best in all of my worlds....more

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