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    Garden Delights - Decorating tips, planting advise and cool gift ideas for the hobby gardner

    This blog brings you great finds from all over the world which pertain to gardening. On occasion you will see a product review, but most of the time it's just eye candy to get you off the couch and outside decorating and planting in your garden....more

    Garden Design Online

    News, design, book and product reviews, events, people, places, "green" news and much more on landscape design and horticulture. ...more

    Garden Gluttony

     I’m a life-long gardener (see picture below) who still to this day gets giddy at the thought of a trip to one of the local nurseries.  Yes, I actually studied landscape and environmental horticulture and the practical experience I have garnered through the years has served me well. Childhood memories of chicken manure “tea” still float through my olfactory senses to this day. I have always been an organic gardener and always will be....more

    Gardening Nude

    A blog on greening, better health, and building community - it helps you get metaphorically naked. ...more

    Gardens of the Wild Wild West

    Location Boise, ID United States See map: Google Maps The site is intended to be an informal clearinghouse for gardening information as it affects our intermountain/high desert region. Look for announcements of upcoming gardening events, thoughts and tips on conservation issues, educational opportunities, field trips and for our beloved plantaholics, notices of upcoming plant sales. (You know who you are.)...more

    GardenSong - Getting Your Garden Growing!

    GardenSong is about creating beautiful, sustainable home gardens. ...more

    Gateway Greening Blog

    Location St. Louis, MO United States See map: Google Maps Gateway Greening is a St. Louis, Missouri non-profit that promotes civic greening, urban renewal, and sustainability issues through downtown civic greening projects, funding and support for more than 100 community and youth gardens, as well as educational programs and events throughout the year. Our blog covers topics related to these issues, and we have recently begun to generate more feature story posts that will appeal to a wide array of gardeners and architects, among others....more

    Gathering Home

    A mom's blog with a gathering of advice, tips, ideas, suggestions on home, eco living, crafts, cooking, social issues, feminism, sustainability, volunteerism, favorite books, kids, family fun, gardening and blogging. ...more

    Gazelles On Crack - one jog forward, two slow shuffling steps back

    So, yesterday was my first real Physical Therapy appointment. Real in the sense that we actually did something instead of looking at me being in pain. ...more

    Geeky Domestic Hippie Living in the Big City

    Location Overland Park, KS United States See map: Google Maps I am a mom, a teacher, a wife, and a writer. I prefer natural parenting and natural living. I am a geek and not afraid to show it. My blog is about my life and all the crazy it entails....more

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