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    Green Team Gazette

    One teacher. One world. Sustainability. Eco-friendly. Classroom-friendly. Teacher-friendly. Green-school friendly. Parent-friendly. Kid-friendly. World-friendly. Planet-friendly. What can we do to increase the likelihood of this one li'l world being here eons from now? Whether you are a teacher or a parent or someone who firmly believes that every tiny li'l bit helps, let's check it out together and be part of the solution rather than adding to the problem!!...more

    Green tips for a healthy and happy home.

    My name is Dallas and I’m a 35 year-young stay at home mom to Kiki, wife to Andrew and all around domestic goddess!  I recently left my career working for a large corporation here in Richmond to stay home and raise my son.  My husband owns a Richmond based graphic design business and is a VCU grad.  His office is at home so he is huge part of Kiki’s day to day life and together we are a strong family unit.  ...more

    Green Vaccine

    Hi, I am Anne Karine and I started this blog with the intention of promoting green products for sustainable living and raising eco-awareness via green tips and eco-events. Essentially, I am here to inject you with your daily dose of green thinking and green shopping, starting with your home design and decor. ...more

    Green Your Decor

    Green Your Decor is a site that lists great environmentally-friendly products for the home that actually look good too. It is for the style-savvy home decorator who wants to be good to the earth but have an awesome-looking home at the same time. Instead of having to search the web for these products, Green Your Decor has them all in one place. ...more

    Green {Goody}

    I am a dedicated mother of four, trying to inspire a revolution within my own family. My children stand to inherit an environmental mess, and it will take the most dedicated of their generation (and the next) to right the wrongs. What my kids face in the future is mind boggling and they aren’t even aware of it. ...more

    Green-Eyed Blogster

    Follow Kasey as she searches for a greener products and a eco-friendly lifestyle. ...more


    A day in the life of a mother living in the outer boros of NYC trying to be a little greener everyday. ...more


    I’m a mother, living in Brookyn and trying to figure out how to raise a kid and tred lightly on the earth. My efforts at being green have slowly evolved. I’ve certainly been interested in environmental issues for awhile, though my lifestyle hasn’t always reflected it so much. But pregnancy and the birth of my son have lead me to focus much more attention on living green. I’ve still got a lot to learn. But I’m getting a little greener every day. This blog follows my endeavors in “green parenting” and the many issues it encompasses. ...more


    Greenfoot is about creating a greener and more sustainable life. Some topics covered are: organic gardening, green living, eco fitting housing, saving water, composting, worm farming, climate change, ...more


    Creating a greener more sustainable life ...more

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