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    His Mama Farms

    Blog about starting a small homestead with my toddler by my side.  Focus on the struggles, successes, and my belief in doing things as naturally as possible to keep my family healthy. ...more

    Historic Shed

    Historic Preservation tips and advice for owners of historic Florida homes. ...more

    Hobo Mama

    Lauren works and writes at home with her husband and their preschool son, Mikko, and newborn son, Alrik. At Hobo Mama, Lauren blogs about natural and attachment parenting, breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, green living, and more. ...more

    Holistic Homemaking

    Holistic Homemaking is about intentional living and the multi-dimensional life of homemakers. Topics include but are not limited to homemaking, parenting, frugal living, faith, whole foods & herbalism, the gluten-free lifestyle, natural/organic living, photography and homeschooling.Twitter -- Facebook -- Pinterest...more

    Holistic Mama

    ... hands amongst the weeds, toes in mountain soil, soul towards the dark moon, heart towards the child, connecting to the wholeness of life ... ...more

    Holistically Haute™

    Holistically Haute™ encompasses my philosophy to skin care and wellness. To have beautiful skin and a healthy body, you must have balance in all areas of your life....more

    Holli's Ramblings

    My cheek is smudged with red clay. African soil keeps me grounded, dirty, alive. Gives me perspective and cause for alarm. Dusty, wet, preoccupied by irony and deceit, beauty and angst, the fragile and the strong. Beads of sweat trickle down my spine over time and through the valleys of this continent for over a decade. I could escape it but only tangibly. The unmistakable pattern of living this life in this place is a tattoo etched on my psyche, coarsing through my veins. Forever. ...more

    homemade grits

    Home, garden, fashion, and babies. Learning as I go and sharing what I've learned. ...more

    Homesteader's Delight

    My name is Alisa.  I grew up in southern California and married my highschool sweetheart.  Together we have 4 littles and a lot of animals.  We lived in southern Utah for a few (really great) years and have settled into our new life in the northeastern Texas countryside.We have been inspired to live a simple life and to provide as much of our own food as possible.  For many years my husband and I operated our own painting contracting company in California and Utah.  But my husband was away from home too much and our lives were crazy busy and often to...more

    Homesteading and the City

    The story of one family's quest for simplicity in the city - one chicken at a time....more

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