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    Honest Meat- Ruminate on This...

    The good, the bad, and the ugly of livestock production ...more

    Honk If You Compost

    “Honk If You Compost” is eco-humor. If everyone from Al Gore to “The Beach” star Leo DiCaprio can make us feel bad about ourselves and the sorry state of Mother Nature, well, I reckon we could use a bit of guilt-free, comic relief to break the tension. ...more

    Hoppy Bottoms

    I hope to introduce readers to a world of environmentally and economically friendly parenting, although the 2 don’t always go together! I will review products and also let Work at Home Moms (WAHMs) promote their products on my blog. After all, nothing makes a Mom feel better than helping another Mom out…we are all in this parenting thing together! Event planning, career planning and blogging tips will also be provided; in addition to the occasional DIY project....more

    Hounds in The Kitchen

    We are two adults, one child and two hound dogs gardening, cooking and eating in Columbus Ohio. We aim to live simply, eat locally, and have fun!  The Hounds in the Kitchen blog records our urban gardening and cooking adventures. ...more

    Hounds in the Kitchen Blog

    We are two adults, one child and two hound dogs cooking and eating in Columbus Ohio. We aim to live simply, eat locally, and have fun while we are at it!  This blog chronicles our adventures. ...more

    Houseplants Help and Information

    This blog is all about the care of houseplants.  Each article is as specifically tailored to an individual topic as possible, with subject matter ranging from actual plants to fertilizing, pests, and propagation. ...more

    How Green Is My Valley

    We've bought a house in the San Fernando Valley, and are making it greener. ...more

    how i became awesome - a memoir in eleventy billion parts

    Tonight, Joey and I are going to Home Depot to get Terro to murder the ant colony that has taken up residence in our kitchen.  Target aparrently does not carry Terro, which is lame, but this also works to my advantage because I've been wanting to go to Home Depot for a week or so. To get supplies for my HANGING TOMATO PLANTS. Boom-tron. (Do not tell me you are unfamiliar with the expression "boom-tron" and its subsequent hand/arm motion.) ...more

    How to make a difference

    Quick tips and inspiration on making the world a better place. Its not about grand gestures but the little things that we can fit into our busy lifestyles to make a positive change. ...more

    How to make simple photo gifts

    How-to ideas for using digital photos (that otherwise linger in cyberspace storage) for creating fun and inexpensive photo books, photo calendars, photo day planners, dry erase photo boards, greeting cards and photo gifts that keep  memories alive....more

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