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    Food, family, and crafting.  All things fun....more

    Ideally speaking...

    Parenting, fashion, the environment, politics and life in general. All from my point of view. Mildly naïve & wildly idealistic....more

    If She Cry Out

    If She Cry Out is dedicated to transforming wider society and inspiring our common search for meaning using the insights of survivors of rape, terror attacks and other very serious crimes.  Survivors have ventured to the edge of human experience, to places none of us travel willingly.  They come back with answers to questions that have fascinated and puzzled us for millenia: human nature, hope, life, forgiveness and the very nature of justice.  They come with fresh vision to culture, media, the environment and one-on-one relationships......more


    Heide Estes blogs about the environment, about living with less planetary impact, about living with chronic illness/disability, and occasionally about the intersections among the above....more

    In the Garden

    What I'm growing (in terms of plants) and how I'm growing (in terms of being human) ...more

    In the Pink and Green

    Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Michigan grad. Healthful yet indulgent home chef. World traveler. Workout fanatic. Animal lover. Avid reader. Shopaholic. Southern belle? ♥...more

    In the Woods of Quebec

    We are on a slow journey to becoming more sustainable. It is a life long dream of mine to be as self-sufficient as possible while still having little luxuries that bring me joy. Here are some of my thoughts and experiments....more

    Indie Mom

    The fight against the inevitable monstrous plastic toys that comes with having a toddler, lessons learned in parenthood and life, highlighting Fair Trade and Indie products, with a lot of food and bragging about my boys mixed in. ...more

    indigo 26

    Location Dallas, Texas United States See map: Google Maps I curate the indigo 26 blog to garner inspiration from my travels, musings, and projects that align with the movement I created called 4(for) green acres.  It is a project to shed light on the impact our actions have on the world around us.  Please stop by and visit.  You will find seasonal recipes, craft projects using repurposed goods, gardening tips and advice, natural cleaning solutions, and other inspiration.  I offer challenges, advice, and information that will help you grow your own 4(for) green acres. Hope to see you soon!...more

    Inspire Planning, shopaholic to ecoholic

    I am a stay at home wife and mamma of 3 unbelievable kids. I have recently been inspired to switchout my convential lifestyle to more eco friendly options and actions. I do a ton of research and want to share it with the world. I offer practical tips, money saving ideas and information that will be very useful if you want to do a little or a lot in the way of going green! I also do posts on Green deals, are green products worth it, and things to watch out or to not get greenwashed! Enjoy, and I love comments!...more

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