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    JadeLouise Designs

    Location Rexburg, ID United States See map: Google Maps JadeLouise designs is a PR and Family Friendly Hodge Podge blog with Family friendly Product reviews, Giveaways, DIY projects, Recipes, Homemaking skills, parenting, Health and wellness and lots more. I am a mother to three beautiful children 2 boys ages 7 and 6 and one little girl age 2. I'm a book-a-holic; and I love to Crochet.  ...more

    JAQS Studio

    Hi - my name is Q and I love all things fabrics, design and crafts.  I am the proud owner of: JAQS Fabrics and JAQS Studio - where I share my design ideas, projects and blog about all things crafts.      ...more


    I'm a wife, homemaker and mother. I live in a little house with my husband, and 3 sons, with 3 chickens in the backyard. We are in the midst of a PhD program yet strive to live simply. As the only female it is my job to furnish our home with curtains, table cloths, the color pink, real food, good books and manners. A girl can dream can't she?!...more

    Jeanette's Healthy Living

    My blog is about healthy healing foods, foods that can fight cancer, reverse heart disease, and prevent other illnesses. I believe certain diseases can be avoided and reversed by eliminating all processed foods, and eating a diet rich in whole foods. I am dedicated to preparing healthy meals, and encouraging those around me to make healthier choices in hopes of keeping them cancer and disease free....more

    Jen & Joey Go Green

    Our blog is about our journey to reducing out impact on the environment and we offer tips on how can reduce your impact! I would describe myself as a realistic environmentalist. There are things that we would love to do (like living off the grid) but they just are not economically viable at this time. I think that your personal economics always has to be considered when making any environmental decision. We aren't perfect but we are at least trying to do what we can....more

    Jill's Junction

    We are a website dedicated to women in agriculture. We are here to share your stories and share information about the things you love, on and off the farm....more

    JILLY jellybug and her rainforest friends

    Location Orlando United States See map: Google Maps JILLY jellybug and her forest friends blogs and tweets on issues confronting the destruction of our rainforests and the need to protect this magical jungles and the creatures that call them home. This is a blog that connects to the JILLY jellybug website (, which sells apparel for moms, teens, children, toddlers and infants that tells the story of four rainforest creatures, working together to save our jungles. Ten percent of all of our proceeds goes to The African Rainforest Alliance, a JILLY jellybug partner....more

    Jinxy Knows Best

    Healthy living in support of the environment. ...more

    Journey toward Eco Creative Living!

    Site back, kick your shoes off, and sip that Organic Lemonade that has been waiting for you. Enjoy the Eco-Lifestyle posts, with a spin on Creative living.Dream, Create, Inspire..... ...more

    Journeyer's Chronicles

    I'm a 30-something stay at home mum of three, wife of one taking a journey through life. On Journeyer's Chronicles I'd like to share what I've learnt on my journey so far, as well as new experiences as I continue along. I hope you can travel with me for a while. ...more

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