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    Joy's Victory Garden

    Stop by the garden for a chat. My pursuit to be green has manifested in the installation of a raised bed garden. My blog journals the progress of my garden and shares the resources that I am using in this endeavor. ...more

    Joyfully Green was created in July 2012 as a forum for ideas and inspiration to live an eco-friendlier life. Written with warmth and humor (who needs more negativity?), researched with diligence and precision (let's get the facts straight), and featuring up-close images of the big, beautiful (and fragile) world around us, this blog is for life-long nature-lovers who yearn for ways to make meaningful differences in their everyday lives....more

    Jozi Uncooked

    Jozi (Un)cooked is a blog about cooking and eating vegan and raw food in Johannesburg (and the rest of the world) by a serious food lover. It has recipes, restaurant reviews and other vegan and raw food-related information and resources....more

    Julia's Child by Sarah Pinneo

    Julia's Child will be published by Plume/Penguin in January, 2012.  It is a book about growing food, and eating consciously, and feeding food to small wiggly people who don't always appreciate it.  This blog celebrates those same things, but also (all natural) bacon.  And wine with little bubbles in it....more

    Just Making Noise: Sound Bites From a Deaf Mama

    This deaf mama is a missionary in Central America (Read more about her). She focuses on traditional food (WAPF-style), such as lacto-fermentation, cultured dairy, sourdough and more! Her speciality is healthy desserts and ice cream. You will see a lot of recipes calling for coconut flour in her baked goods....more

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