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    Kid Friendly Organic Life

    On Sunday I was talking with a group of teenagers about a Habitat for Humanity project we are planning on undertaking next summer. We aren’t completely sure what we’re getting in to it, but so far, everyone is game. We pondered the question, What if? What if we did this? What if we are able to help someone besides ourselves? What if we can make a difference in one community? One family?...more

    Kids Discover Nature

    This is the place to find great outdoor activities for children. No matter where you live, you can help them learn about and experience nature by following tips to get them interested in being outside. And best of doesn't cost a penny. ...more

    KimmiKillZombie. A Vegetarian/Veganized Beauty, Style and Fashion blog.

    Location Canada See map: Google Maps KimmiKillZombie is a licensed make-up artist and hairstylist just outside of Toronto, Canada. Her blog is filled with makeup reviews and tutorials, hair and style tips for alternative chicks, and even a few vegan/vegetarian recipes and personal tidbits. When she's not busy blogging, Kimmi can be found at local concerts, dyeing her hair, making a crafty disaster on the floor of her apartment, or burning things in her oven. [Read More …]...more


    KissMyCountry is about saving the planet and enjoying the planet - and saving the places we love.  Blog posts feature people and companies who are doing their part to save the planet, and about traveling to places we love.  KissMyCountry's t-shirts in their 'Kiss" design help to support environmental non-profits....more

    Kitchen Counter Economics

    KCE is a community where I share ideas for sustainable and affordable living in today's economic environment. I cover gardening, cooking, sewing, skills of daily living, getting a job, raising livestock. ...more

    Kitchen Stewardship

    Kitchen Stewardship seeks to balance God's gifts of your time, money, family's nutrition and the good green Earth.  Practical tips, recipes, calls to prayer, and info on nutrition are all included.  Thematic weeks and a Monday Mission to challenge you to make one small change at a time in your kitchen. ...more

    Knowledge Problem

    "Commentary on Economics, Information, and Human Action": Knowledge Problem is a blog focused on economics commentary ranging from electricity policy to environmental regulation to innovation and technological change (with the occasional discussion of music, knitting, triathlon, food, and wine!). Knowledge Problem has been one of the top economics and public policy blogs since 2002. ...more

    Koofies Natural Living

    My name is Kelsi and my family and I are on a quest to live as naturally as we can. Follow our journey to a more eco-friendly lifestyle and learn wiith us, and from our experiences. ...more

    Kudzu Blog

    Join's Lianna, Annie, Vicky and sometimes Paul, as they discuss everything from pregnancy, to staying healthy, and once in a while some genius bits of randomness. is the easy way to find the best services in your city. Guest blogger Kudzilla also joins once in a while.   ...more

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