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    La Dolce Pita

    La Dolce Pita is a blog dedicated to delicious, wholesome vegan and vegetarian recipes, as well as kitchen design inspiration, entertaining tips, product finds/reviews, and travel guides....more

    LA Farm Girl

    I am a native Angeleno who is passionate about promoting sustainable urban agriculture, locally grown produce, and saving California's family farms. I post about places, events, and activities in the Los Angeles area, including urban farms and gardens in the hopes that more people will support them. ...more

    La Moretta

    La Moretta runs the gamut from A (adoption) to V (vegetarianism). The author is in the process of adopting two children from Ethiopia, but the blog includes posts on almost everything -- self improvement, running a business, jazz, television, books, animal welfare and microfinance. La Moretta is often a ridiculous do-gooder who tries not to take herself too seriously, but if she does, her regular commenters bring her back to earth (and provide recipe suggestions for the enormous number of sweet potatoes she's received from her local CSA). ...more

    Lady Broadoak Planetary Healing Tutorial

    This is a "process" tutorial. It is designed to help you become more conscious of the empire mentality in which we live -- and how to live within it more sanely. There is current news,a lot of science, health links, meditations, suggestions of steps you can take to make the world a better place and make your dreams come true. It is also stuffed with stuff I just "like" - as I celebrate life on the planet. Science, "futurism", native american topics/prophecy, spiritual celebrations, comments about what I read are all part of the mix. ...more


    Lady JC's musings on life, pop culture (tv/film), inspiration, green living, photography, food, fashion and crafting/diy....more

    Landing on Cloudy Water

    Location Minnesota United States See map: Google Maps The natural world is my inspiration. Read along as I explore my homeplace--Minnesota--with the hope that it will never stop showing me new ways to see....more

    Laura Williams' Musings

    A blog about contests, freebies, product reviews, scrapbooking and other crafts, daily thoughts, and more ...more

    Laura's "Rules"

    Location Takoma Park, Maryland United States See map: Google Maps Laura MacCleery is a feminist mom and eco-living advocate who tracks the inside scoop on environmental health and government rules and how the issues impact families. She follows the news from Washington and latest research, and writes about health, safety, parenting, the challenges of green living and healthy food, consumer issues and politics. What happens when a public interest lawyer finally has her own child to think about? Follow her, and find out. ...more


    This blog is dedicated to all of those people who want to learn how to tread more lightly on our heavily walked-upon earth. I certainly don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m definitely ready to try to reduce my carbon footprint a little bit each day. I’m a public relations professional by day, and I’m a blogger, bicyclist and wannabe ski bunny by night. I don’t do product reviews on this blog, but will take suggestions on good books, magazines and Web sites that can help everyone get their earth-friendly act together. ...more

    Lavendilly House

    Lavendilly House is my business, my expression ... my heart's work.Blogging about crafts, felt-making, spiritual and family moments.Celebrating beauty in life....more

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