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    Lesbian Housewife Happiness

    A blog all about living the retro housewife existence with one little difference!...more

    less is more (balanced)

    ideas, goods, and happenings for those who wish to cultivate balance by using less and learning more. ...more


    lessismore(balanced) is a compilation of goods, ideas, and happenings for those who wish to cultivate environmental balance by using less and learning more. ...more

    Let the Wild Rumpus Start

    I am Mallory, and I am married to a wonderful film dork John.  We recently moved to Madison, WI which is a hip oasis in the middle of farm country. ...more

    Let's Be Green Together

    Just as the title suggests, this blog was originally dedicated to ways to add some green to your life with tips advice.  It as progressed into more personal posts about Cathy's everyday life! Hope you enjoy!...more

    LIFE - Learning In a Family Environment

    My blog is all about our family and anything that interests us. This includes Christianity, church, bible, couponing, homeschooling, family, marriage, children, attachment parenting, unassisted birth, home birth, VBAC, breastfeeding, elimination communication, quiverfull, anit-circumcision, anti-vaccinations, gentle discipline, modesty, vegetarian, vegan, raw food lifestyle, and more! ...more

    Life as We Know it...

    The life, times, and ideas (grand and otherwise) of a simple (read: not simple at all) California girl....more

    Life From Scratch - Gluten free, soy free, ecosmart living.

    Gluten-free, soy-free, eco-smart living in the Canadian Prairies. Mother and daughter both learning to navigate the Celiac world while also negotiating the soy-ladened food supply; father and son along for the ride. Trying to live off the prairie land as much as possible -  local, organic, humane, sustainable with 8 months of winter a year. We do like a challenge....more

    Life in Avalon

    Life as a mother to two children (4 and 6), wife to an artisan cheesemaker, and lover of the outdoors and anything having to do with farming, baking, exercise, good food, travel, and running....more

    Life in Elgin

    At Life in Elgin I write about my attempt to live an eco-friendly life in the Chicago suburbs. On occasion, movie reviews and photos of my dog also pop up. Stop by and check it out! My purpose is to have fun and be creative. ...more

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