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    Life in the Green Lane

    Let's face it, green living (as with life) is not always an easy road.  It's a lot more fun to travel it with some companions.  Join me in the green lane as I blog on the the thrills and spills of going green, writing, entrepreneurship, mommyhood, faith, fashion, community, and just about everything else on God's green earth.  I would love you to share your eco-efforts, ideas, experiences, and challenges, too.   Remember, you're not crazy for trying to make the world a better place - unless you're trying to do it alone....more

    Life Under a Blue Roof

    Sustainability is the heart of life at Haven Homestead, our straw bale home located in western Pennsylvania.  We address big-picture topics such as home design, earth plaster,  rainwater collection and cisterns to more everyday ideas, such as creating a greener gift exchange at Christmas.  Join our family on a journey toward a more sustainable future. ...more

    Lil Green Baby

    Follow one single mama as she goes green, tot in tow. ...more

    Lipstick and Granola

    Welcome! My name is Jaylyn. I have recently been transplanted from Washington State to upstate NY. I gave up my career as a hairstylist to be a stay at home mom, but still haven't been able to give up the lipstick and heels that went with the job. My goal is to try and find a way to live life to the fullest, while remaining conscious of the environment, animals, and my wallet. It's not easy to find that balance, but I'm working on it. Come and join me on my journey!...more

    Little Farm in the Big City

    Little Farm in the Big City is about living a simple country life in spite of living in the middle of a big city. We share our adventures in raising chickens, rabbits, and goats, growing our own groceries, and homeschooling. We also share a lot of recipes including some old fashioned canning recipes. It's a place to sit back with a tall glass of sweet tea and relax for a while....more

    little gems

    A lady of a certain age who likes to grow her own food, in london ...more

    Little Green Blog

    Little Green Blog covers all aspects of green living; from reducing your carbon footprint, to growing your own produce, to organic pest control. We also help you take care of your health and wellness with safe, effective and natural home remedies such as essential oils, herbs and using food as your medicine. ...more

    Little Green Stilettos

    A girly girl's blog about going beautifully green. ...more

    Little House on the Southern Prairie

    A former reporter for the Chicago Tribune quits her fast-paced job in search of voluntary simplicity, gardening, being green and living with less "stuff." ...more

    Little Maple Leaf

    I'm Jessica and my blog Little Maple Leaf is all about the beauty of nature we are surrounded with each and everyday. I am a strong advocate on remembering that our Earth is an extraordinary place regardless of the disaster we are sometimes faced with. Appreciate your Earth :)...more

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