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    Looks Good In Polka Dots

    Take me out to the ball game Take me out with the crowd, buy me some peanuts and cracker jack I don’t care if I never get back, Let me root, root, root for the home team If they don’t win its a shame For its one, two, three strikes, you’re out At the old ball game! ...more

    Love Life Project

    Join me in my quest to live each day with joy, creativity, health and appreciation.  I want to live each moment more fully.  I want to be happier and more engaged in the world and the people in it.  I want to be more purposeful about taking joy in this beautiful life of mine.  Love Life Project is my personal account of learning to love my life more deeply, one day at a time....more

    A blog about love, happiness, joy, and finding my purpose in life....more

    Loving Heart Mommy

    Loving Heart Mommy - I'm a stay at home Navy spouse raising 2 lil' men and a lil' lady! I currently review, test out, kid approve, mommy approve, and even family approve a variety of must haves for every family! From books, to toys, to the lastest chick flick we have it all! ...more

    LULObird small fashioned crafts

    Written by a mother and crafter who believes both should be enjoyed, not perfected.  The LULObird blog is inspired by both necessity and the continued desire to offer a creative environment and postitive outlet in a world that can be chaotic.  This blog offers inspirational tutorials that encourage the reader to "not be perfect," but to be creative with projects and mothering alike - to be engaged, and to enjoy the journey of the craft, or the outing with your kids, ...more

    Luminous Life

    Reflections, Musings, Art and Inspiration...for livinga Luminous Life. Yoga, Art,Design,Permaculture,Organic Gardening,Green Building,Natural Perfumery,Hand Made,Free Trade... ...more

    Lunapads Blog: periods, politics & personalities

    The Lunapads Blog is where you'll be able to get an insider's perspective on the goings-on at  Get to know all us Lunagals a little better and see what is on our minds, as well as read some guest entries from our oh-so-devoted fans! ...more


    mommyhood. what is it? is it a real word? does it have a map? an atlas anyone?follow me as i attempt to sew, knit, craft, cook, parent and just plain survive (and love) life in the mommyhood.luvinthemommyhood is your source for a wealth of information ranging from handmade & repurposing projects, mommyhood survival tips, to photography, music & books - luvinthemommyhood serves it up with humour and a dose of daily life in the mommyhood. ...more


    high fashion / eco-fabrics ...more

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