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    Mama Joules

    Mama Joules is a place for parents and kids to share ideas for making science fun. Come on over and learn science the easy way through nature crafts, cool websites, and fun activities. ...more

    Mama Need Java

    I'm Vivian; a regular mom trying to keep her head on while telecommuting with a toddler in tow. Welcome to the momblog smörgåsbord. Grab yourself a mug of "go-juice" and stay awhile... ...more

    Mama Quiere Beso

    Mama Quiere Beso...more

    Mamma Americana

    I'm an american expat living in Florence, Italy with my Italian husband and our baby girl. ...more Blog

    We created this blog as a central place to post the hottest topics concerning climate change, marine conservation, marine life news, and marine science. Our Mission is to share the wonders of the ocean to inspire Link Texteducation, Link Textresearch, and a Link Textsea ethic. ...more

    Martalli: Dispatches from rural India

    Location Martalli, India India "Martalli" is a collaboration with Anisha, a small food security and rural devleopment non-profit in South India.  Short, personal vignettes provide a window into life in the remote region of Martalli.  In particular, this blog focuses on the challenges faced by small-scale farmers and landless farm workers.  It also is the vehicle through which women who are participating in community photography workshops are sharing their photos and stories....more

    Maryn and Murphy

    The life and times of a rambling stay-at-home mom trying to keep her sanity while entertaining her two kids, while trying to be green and feed them lots of yummy organic food....more

    Mature Landscaping

    Surveying the landscape of senioricity (I made that word up) with an eye to the foolishness of it all. Examining aging with dry Southern wit and a psychotherapist's insight.  Encouraging my sixty-something peers to experiment with vegan and vegetarian nutrition to promote sustainable agriculture and better senior health.  ...more

    Maxit Flower Design

    A flower blog for woman to stop by and enjoy something beautiful and learn a little about flowers and flower design.  Get our creative juices flowing with flowers....more

    Measured in Pinches

    Creative, calorie-reduced recipes and ramblings on everything from health to life to food science....more

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