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    Megwetch, Gitchie Manito/Thank You, Great Spirit

    Megwetch, Gitchie Manito means Thank You, Great Spirit in the Ojibwe language.  I am thankful for all that life has to offer.  I write about everyday life and whatever is currently going on in my life.  I am 47, the mother of two young boys and share about experiences with them.  I respect our Mother Earth and do my part to be eco-friendly.  During the summer months, I have a large vegetable garden and often write about it.  Sometimes there are posts about food or recipes as I am a vegetarian and very conscious of feeding my family healthy foods.  Knitting...more


    a blog from a true-born cynic who is nevertheless a hopeless romantic, as well. Did I mention I'm a Gemini? ...more

    Mental Chew

    Mental Sweat

    Random ramblings about my adventures in marriage, babies & baby gear, counseling/therapy, and green living. ...more

    Metaphorical Magpie

    Magpies are talkative birds that have an eye for shiny things. I consider myself to be a magpie. This is a collection of all the shiny, wonderful things I would normally carry around in my pockets. Scraps of paper, bits of string, shooter marbles and diamond rings. ...more

    midEATS: Middle Eastern Cuisine & Culture

    Location Two bloggers - one in Washington D.C. and the other in Abu Dhabi United States See map: Google Maps Bringing Middle Eastern food and culture to your table ...more

    Midwest Green

    A middle-aged, middle-class, middle-west woman moves her family toward an eco-friendlier lifestyle. ...more

    Mile In Mine

    A big city young woman of passion muses on life, marriage, and raising two boys in a small Northern California town while trying to get into Creative Writing school in Australia to finish her novel. Her short entries include book & film reviews and autobiographical stories in third person. ...more

    Milk And Honey Momma

    Searching, transforming, loving, living. My journey as a mother charting a new life in the Holy Land with my husband and 3 little kids....more

    MindBodyWell Blog Add to Directory

    Location Health & wellness blog 2500 Johnson Ave Bronx, NY United States See map: Google Maps My name is Kamila Veljkovic. I’m a publicist and social media strategist by trade but my true passion is healthy cooking and a sustainable lifestyle....more

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