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    My Journey to Living Well

    My Journey to Living Well follows my journey to go (gradually) green and more eco-friendly. It also covers topics on family, parenting, recipes, and green product reviews. I believe that small, easy steps to going green are what works best for me. Come join me!...more

    My Mema's Way

    My family is on a continous journey to live more sustainably, more healthy, and to achieve a higher level of education about being green and being healthy.  Often I write about cooking, particularly with a special needs diet, I also share stories about my children and the funny things they say or do....more

    My Modern Country Home - Building - Homesteading - Preparedness - Survivalism

    Friday, November 21, 2008 Can I still be a Survivalist if I shave my legs? This is mostly a post about what we are and what we aren’t. ...more

    My Mom Is A Geek

    I'm mother to three. We home school. It's mostly awesome, yet some days are trying. I'm a designer and dressmaker, illustrator, budding Graphic Designer, and generally just creative to the point of implosion if I am unable to vent my pent up artistic energies. I love to learn continually and I'm a die hard DIYer, thus I am often overwhelmed with trying to absorb all of the channels of information coming at me from all directions. I hate that I can't do it all, all the time. In reality, I can do some of it, some of the time. I'm coming to grips with that. Can you relate? ...more

    My Mom Recycles

    As an eco-conscience mom I'm enjoying sharing tips, secrets and adventures in becoming a mother. I often write post about successful recipes (I'm sure you don't care about the unsuccessful ones), happenings with my son, new found discoveries or anything else that plops into my head....more

    My Plastic-Free Life

    My personal quest to reduce, re-use, and recycle plastic to lessen its impact on the environment. ...more

    My Year Without Spending

    Nothing new for a year? I took the plunge and joined The Compact... Let this be a record of my anxieties, contemplations, insights, missteps, and topples off the wagon during the course of 2009... ...more

    My Zero Waste

    My Zero waste follows our family's progress as we increase our recycling and change our shopping habits with the aim of producing ZERO waste! We run monthly competitions, set a monthly challenge and have special offers on products to help you decrease your landfill waste. Along with blogging our progress, we love to read your comments. Please come along and join in. It's a light hearted site with a serious message. ...more


    We are all consumers so we might as well be smart about it. Inside the green consumer mind of a cost-effective eco hippy organic ergonomic sustainable free-ranging mommy living in suburban Maryland. ...more

    MyNeChimKi: The Blog

    MyNeChimKi: The Blog is an all encompassing review of things I find interesting.  There's a little bit of everything hanging around in the archives.  It is a reflection of the true Renaissance Woman that I am. ...more

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