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    Pagan Godspell

    Pagan Godspell is the testimony of Gospel Pagan Ruby Sara. Musings on Contemporary Paganism, theology, ecospirituality, politics, life, and other Good News. ...more


    Not quite sure where to put this blog- Mostly you will find discussion of organic gardening, eating local, food politics. And of course, pictures of my dog. ...more

    Paper Flowers: style for a new planet

    I am Leila McKellar, a dilettante writer, academic and philosopher on a mission to save the planet with style. I like fashion, interiors, gossip and salsa. Paper Flowers is a space dedicated to all things stylish in the wardrobe and home, with a thrifty, ethical twist. ...more

    Parenting from Scratch

    Parenting from Scratch is about going back to the basics of parenting, and life in general–but with the comforts and information available in the 21st Century. We’re Attachment Parenting, we’re following our instincts, we’re shooting for Good Enough. We made our daughter, Sadie, from scratch… and we’re becoming parents from scratch. We are also challenging ourselves to learn to do more things for ourselves–so we got backyard chickens, we brew beer, we’re cooking a ton, and we have lots of From Scratch plans ahead....more


    Pasture2Plate is a reality check for those who want to know what it really takes to put great food on their tables in a sustainable way that is both ecologically and socially responsible. It's more than just going to a farmers market or joining a CSA. It's more than shopping for organic products at your local Whole Foods. Sandra shares her insights through her daily life on her farm in southcentral Pennsylvania. ...more

    Path to Wellness

    I love helping others on their path to wellness through means of natural nutrition and creating a natural/non-toxic home that is safe for the whole family....more

    Peas and Petals

    We're two sisters who grew up on a Wisconsin farm. We've since moved apart, but we post together about our vegan/vegetarian every day recipes, farming/gardening experiences, and sustainability news & events in our local areas and across the country. ...more

    Peas, love and Camelot

    My new blog about trying to live a more eco-friendly life whilst trying NOT to lose my mind (oh yes, I'm a Mom), spill my latte, scuff up my beautiful Alfani boots, break a nail, keep my naked dogs groomed (yeah you KNOW you wanna look now), master organic gardening, contemplate faith and the origina of the universe, find my keys, plan dinner (crap, I need to put milk on the list) keep focused on ONE thing for more than five minutes and--what was I saying?...more

    Pegleg Starfish

    Hi fellow bloggin ladies. My blog is all about me. Isn't that the way it should be. I post things about events that I attend, wierdos that I see on the streets, embarassing things that I do to myself, dieting and exercise, stuff I love to waste my money on..... Mostly, I want to make people laugh. I've always been told that I'm really I had to do it to prove my hialrity factor. Kidding. Please check me out and I'll check you out in return. In a totally platonic way of course. ...more
  • Penelope's Oasis

    A site for women, wives, moms or expectant moms ...more

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    BlogHer ...more

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