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    Pluck and Feather

    Pluck and Feather is a blog about urban farm life. Based in Oakland, CA, Pluck and Feather is a backyard farm where Esperanza Pallana grows food, raises livestock and educates the community to preserve food heritage....more


    Life, kids, motherhood, massage therapy, politics, polyamory, bicycles, books, and related adventures. ...more

    Pondering the Myriad Things

    One day I woke up to the fact that I was part of the planet, not just living on the planet.  This is what happened next. ...more

    Poppy's Patisserie

    Poppy's Patisserie is a platform for the culinary stories of a vegetarian turned vegan.  It is regularly updated with recipes used, adapted and created, including the failures! All recipes are designed to be simple, adaptable, fast and family friendly with the odd showstopper for good measure!...more

    Postcards From the East End

    A couple of lawyers taking on a less logical profession: parenting. Inspired by our daughter to be more mindful of how we live - and especially how we parent - we continue to find ourselves in the “crunchy” camp. Break out the granola, baby. ...more

    Powder Room Graffiti

    Powder Room Graffiti is a women's-interest website focused on women issues and news. Find articles about money, career, relationships, health, and more....more

    Powered by Hummus

    Location Greenville, SC United States See map: Google Maps My blog is all about living the fabulous vegan life! Dig into Powered by Hummus for the scoop on vegan cooking, cruelty-free healthy living and making an eco-friendly home.

    Premeditated Leftovers

    Last summer, during the height of the fuel crisis, I like a lot of Americans started trying to find new ways to save money. Many of the ideas I came up with are not actually new, but things I learned from my parents and grandparents, but had not applied in my own household because I did not feel the need for them before. The first thing I decided to do was to eliminate waste in the kitchen by cooking meals with plans in mind for the leftovers. After that was successfully implemented, I started looking at ways that I could reuse the packaging that the food came in. ...more

    Pretty Cripple - Fashion, politics, food and what makes my world roll

    Welcome to my world on wheels! Here’s what makes me roll: the art scene, music, artisanal food, great fashion, global politics and my love for animals. Graphic design is my profession and I’ve branched out exponentially. Fun-loving with an infectious laugh, I love great conversations with amazing depth.I get around in a wheelchair due to unfortunate circumstances in the 90′s. Nothing stops me from living life to its fullest....more

    Primal Mommies

    Information and articles on breastfeeding, homebirthing, vaccinations, green-living, and alternative medicine. ...more

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