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    Realizing Ordinary

    Every time I mentioned it, someone said to me, about my vision of a peaceful world where folks get along and take care of the planet and all her creatures while they take care of themselves, "Yeah, that would be nice, but we're a long way from Utopia." So on the morning George W. Bush started the war with Iraq, I stood on Market Street in San Francisco debating for half an hour whether to sit down and chain myself to the protestors and get arrested or do my duty to my ...more

    Really, What Were We Thinking?

    We met a month before we got engaged.  We started our family with 2 cats.  We adopted 3 big dogs and an extra-ornery cat. We camped with all 6 cross-country in a pop-up camper.  We added a kid to the pack & he happens to have a genetic disorder. We also just got another dog.  Really, what were we thinking?...more

    Rebekah Teal

    I worked hard to become a lawyer. Now I'm working hard on becoming less of one. My quest? A simpler life. A healthier life. A greener life. A life lived closer to the earth. I'm learning to cook and garden and "home make." It's not easy. "Simple"--as it turns out--plays hard to get....more

    Reclaimed Home

    Reclaimed Home ...more

    Reclaimed Treasures

    Location Reclaimed Treasures Niceville, FL Okaloosa County United States See map: Google Maps My name is Tonia Nation, I am a mother, wife, civil engineer, and work with my husband grow his dream of building his furniture business empire. I love cooking, home improvements, and am constantly redecorating our house. I love coming up with grand ideas and turning them into reality. Our blog will consist of both Mike and I writing about different adventures. Most posts we work on together but some are originally authored by one or the other....more

    Red Raven Circling

    Morgan's musings on nature, poetry, writing, and the search for a sustainable life. ...more

    Red, White & Grew: Victory Gardens and More!

    Promoting the re-establishment of "Victory Gardens" and other simple, earth-friendly endeavors as patriotic acts in an age of uncertainty. ...more

    Red, White and GREEN Mom

    Location Canada See map: Google Maps I'm a mom of two lovely boys that have inspired me to be true my self and lead an authentic life. I am a firm believer in parenting [and living] by following your instinct. I co-sleep, babywear, EC, cloth diaper, practice full term breastfeeding and try to live a green and healthy life.I am a [crunchy] mama that still loves fancy hotel rooms... *sigh* I guess there's always room for improvement, but I doubt that part of me will ever change ;)I am miles away from where I started but I accept that life is a journey and I am enjoying the ride......more

    Refresh Living

    Location Chicago, IL United States See map: Google Maps A blog about my attempts to balance raising a family with working full-time, without sacrificing homemade meals, handmade treasures, and an eco-friendly lifestyle.  Follow along as I share my strategies and struggles as I find ways to refresh daily living.   ...more

    Remarkably Domestic

    Creatively managing the chaos of home....more

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